Tales Episode Six: Behavior

Mom Tales Episode Six: Behavior

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-Hi there. I'm Audra Lowe and we are continuing with one of my favorite webisodes, Mom Tales. It's a fun, candid mommy meet-up with some of my favorite women that are here right now and we've been talking about the first few years of motherhood and giving tips for moms to be. So, we have a lot to talk about today including a really cool app. It was created over at parents by our friends there and it's called Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide and it's available exclusively on the Windows stores. So, sit back and relax as we talk about that and a whole lot more, but first, I have to introduce to you to the ladies. Welcome back to Mom Tales. Today's topic has to do with behavior. When I'm talking about our behavior, that's for another show. We're talking about our kids' behavior, and as we know, as parents, you handle those inevitable temper tantrums and they typically happen when you least expect them. So, joining me today on our panel, our Jill Cordes. -Uh huh. -We've got [unk] Alex McCord, and Kelly Deadmon. Thank you ladies so much for joining us once again on our last installment. I'm upset. We've gotta keep going. -I know. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Right. There's our temper tantrum right there. -Yeah. -Okay. -What's the worst thing that your-- your little one ever did to defy you? Because every parent has that one story, you're in the store,-- -Uh huh. -you're at the doctor's office,-- -Uh huh. -something happens. Do you have a particular story, Kelly? -Flinging himself down in the middle of the subway-- -Oh no. -Oh. -middle of a crowded subway,-- -What? -screaming his head off on the floor. I mean, there was nothing I could do. He would-- He did that bone thing. -Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. -Yeah. -and was like-- -Squid. -Yeah. -[unk] -No, everybody went like this and it moved away. -Not it. -What about your-- -It's not an airplane people. You can just get off at the next stop- -Exactly. -but at some point, you just have to be like, well, it-- it won't last forever. -Yeah. -And you just have to let it go and just, you like-- -Deep breath, right? How about you-- you have two sets of twins, right? -Well, you know what-- Yeah, with four kids, and we have a weekly tantrum one of them will deliver, but yesterday, I was talking to a realtor and my son, you know, he couldn't find Diego on television, got so upset and started stripping. It's like he's auditioning for the [unk]. So he's screaming, and literally every article of clothing down to the socks and the realtor is, like, "Do you wanna handle this?" I, like, no, I've gotta ignore him because he just needs his time and-- -Break. Break. -he needs to come down and it's very important to not overreact because-- -Exactly. -Yeah. -this-- this is being a par for the course. -Uh huh. -Between two and three, they have to sort and solve the nature of the tantrums. -What about play groups? How-- How are your kids, Jill? 'Cause I know that you just recently moved and you got two kids. -Right. Well, Fia is a hugger, not a hitter. -Oh. -She is so obsessed with hugging people that it's actually gotten to the point where you have to say like, "Honey, you have to ask kids before you always hug them-- -Yeah. -because not everybody wants their space completely invaded by you. -Yeah, it's right. -So, it's really fun that problems they have in some ways, but even the preschool was like, "She's really hugging again." -Uh huh. -I'm like, "Oh, my gosh, how is that possible that my daughter is so kind. I don't where she came from." -I like that. It's good, though. -No, it's sweet. -You know, I have heard because, you know, we have one for you moms that have more than one. I hear that having two, three, four kids, is much better. It's much easier in terms of the tantrums and that their behavior is different. Is that true or false? In your mind, what do you say? -I have an 8-month-old, so I don't know yet 'cause he's not tantruming-- -Yeah. -but I am with you in that, when Fia tantrums, I literally just walk over her. -Uh huh. -I just step over. I mean, there's a point that sometimes you acknowledge. Sometimes,-- -Yeah. -you get down to their level and say let's talk about the problem, but a lot of the times, when I know it's just something silly, I just step over and ignore. -Uh huh. -But as far as the older ones helping, so I've got two girls who are six and a boy and a girl who are about to turn three. My older girls are so helpful. I'm so proud of them. -Oh. -Oh. -It's like they're little preschool teachers. They will, you know, go grab clothing, food. They'll calm the babies down. It's amazing. -Oh, wow. -It does help to have the older siblings there. -Yeah, definitely. -Yeah. -Not wanna get pinched? -Well, you know, moms don't-- moms don't necessarily-- You don't always have the answers. We-- We act like we do, but we don't. So, now, there's a new way to get expert advice about what to do to teach them about good behavior and how to manage the tantrums and what kind of behavior that you can expect from them as they grow up because like you said, you know, you've read up on it beforehand and then you knew. So, there's an app and we've been talking about this throughout the entire series and I'm gonna hand this over here to you. We're gonna pass it down. We've had the chance to familiarize ourselves with it, but for viewers out there that haven't heard about it or don't know about it, it's the Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide for Windows 8. It's available exclusively on the Windows store. They put it all together nicely in an app so much information and it's really good for moms because it's the app. It gives you everything that you need to know from pregnancy to toddlerhood and it's right at the touch of your fingers. Easy searching. It's mom-friendly. No temper tantrums whatsoever on this app at all. -[unk] -Yes, do you love this app or what? -Yeah, yeah. We love the topic. -Yeah. -And what I really love about it is, before I would go to maybe four or five books on my bookshelves. -Yeah. -This, it's one stop shopping. Everything is in one location. -Exactly. -Do you find tons and tons? -Yeah. -Hold on something you get more information. -And it's all right here. -And it's so easy to navigate. -Yeah. -Just with your finger. -I think what happens is when you find out your pregnant, everyone just surrounds you with a ton of books and they wanna give you all these resources and you get excited and then you realize it's overwhelming. -Yeah. -Right. -You gotta go to one spot and it's really nice. -Yeah. -Right. -And you can just flick through and a headline will catch your eye-- -Uh huh. -and you go into that article. You didn't even know that you were looking for that at the moment, but there is. -Right. -Oh! I needed that. Yeah. I-- I cheat. I like to skip ahead to know what to expect another couple months or so. -Right, right, right. -So before we end, terrible twos, do you think it's a myth or is it a fact? -Oh, it's a fact. But, you know what, here's a myth, it doesn't stop at two. It goes to three and a half-- -[unk] -You know what I'm saying. -Yeah. -You said it perfectly. -Thank you so much ladies. Good to have you here. -[unk] -We had fun. -All right. If you wanna find out everything you need to know about pregnancy to toddlerhood, you should check out the Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide app for Windows 8. It's available exclusively on the Windows store. This has been a blast. -[unk] -I had so much fun. -Really enjoyed hanging out with you all. -That's it. -Thank you very much -[unk] -Don't tell them that.