Tales Episode Five: Eating

Mom Tales Episode Five: Eating

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-Hi there. I'm Audra Lowe and we are continuing with one of my favorite webisodes, Mom Tales. It's a fun, candid mommy meet-up with some of my favorite women that are here right now. And we've been talking about the first few years of motherhood and giving tips for moms to be. So, we have a lot to talk about today including a really cool app. It was created over at Parents by our friends there and it's called Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide, and it's available exclusively on the Windows store. So, sit back and relax as we talk about that and a whole lot more, but first, I have to introduce you to the ladies. Welcome back to Mom Tales. We're talking about something that I-- I love discussing when it comes to pregnancy. The food. The good, the bad, and the unusual during pregnancy and of course later on when your baby is ready for solids. We gotta talk about it on both sides, the mom and the baby. So today, we've got Jill Cordes here. She's a lifestyle expert and blogger. Carolina Buia is here. She's a freelance writer and a mom of 2 sets of twins. Author of Little Kids Big city and proud Brooklyn mom, Alex McCord, is also here with us. And actress, comedian, and mother Kelly Deadmon is back again. You gotta add some comedy to this one here. -Yeah. -'coz this is gonna be interesting. -Don't worry. -Okay. Let's talk about the cravings when you're pregnant. Is there anything that you wanted or anything that you definitely could not eat while you are pregnant? -Let's start over here with you, Jill. -The only thing I crave-- I had-- I was the most boring pregnant person ever. Baked potato with tons of sour cream and salt. -Really? -That's kind of the only craving I had. I also did some apple cider vinegar like in a teaspoon a couple times a week 'coz they said it was good for you. I didn't even know what it was supposed to be good for. I just heard that at a yoga place. I don't know. I just-- I-- That's kind of the only thing I did. -How about you Kelly? -Well, I-- I heard unsweetened condensed milk was good for you, so I used to literally-- -Oh my god. -eat entire things with sweetened condensed milk. -What? -It's a very Latin thing like that's-- -Okay. -a snack that you give kids. -Uh-huh. -That is hardly enough. Sausage, biscuits, which I don't normally eat. -Uh-huh. -And Ethiopian lentils and berebere sauce. They're spicy. They're yummy. They have tons of protein. -Wow. -And I was obsessed. I would make my husband go to the Ethiopian restaurant and grab me an entire pint. -Twins had you-- very specific-- -Right. -with the food there. I love it. How about you Alex with your boys? -I was obsessed with spinach both times in any form I could get it. -Oh that's lovely. -Spinach on pizza, creamed spinach. I joked to my husband that I wanted to make spinach ice cream. I didn't actually do that, but-- -Right. Spinach is a good thing though. It is right? -Yeah. And not because I thought it was good for me, I just really wanted it. -Oh. -Okay. And then how about you Kelly? -Oh yes. If it wasn't nailed down or moving, I ate it. Yeah. I ate it. -You gained a lot. -I didn't eat meat before I was pregnant and I-- I-- I-- anything that I could get into my face. You know how-- You know, when we're nauseous, we have to have saltines. -Uh-huh. -I was nauseous, but I had to have saltines with like gobs of peanut butter. -Oh wow. -So, that's what I had to eat. I just ate every-- -Yeah. -I mean I just listened to my body. -Uh-huh. -Whatever I wanted I ate. -Right. -Sometimes my body said I [unk] -It was yelling, screaming. -I couldn't-- I love, love, love chocolate. -Uh-huh. -I have always loved it and I could not eat chocolate at all. And if I did eat it, it-- no taste whatsoever. None. That was probably the best thing ever because as soon as that baby was born-- -You want chocolates. -What's a relief to me was that my craving for wine was diminished during pregnancy. -Oh yeah. -Because I was so sad when I had to give up the wine like I delayed taking the pregnancy test as long as possible. -Talk about drinking. -What about your husband though? Did-- 'coz a lot of people would say that the husbands end up having cravings and that they say that they gain weight when your pregnant. -Oh yeah. I mean I was pregnant with twins and my husband looked like he was pregnant with triplets. -Oh wow. -He was eating everything. Like I'm the pregnant one here. -Yeah, the men do say that. I don't know-- We don't know if it's an excuse or if it's been proven that they actually have it, right? -He's started working out with a trainer while I was pregnant. I think he even worked to gain any extra weight. -Oh yes. -That's funny. -Be careful. Okay. So now, the baby is here and you know that you gotta transition the baby to eating solids at some point in time. How do you get the child to eat healthy foods, things, you know, infuse certain things into their meals that you know that they just don't like, what was your trick? -I called broccoli trees. -Oh. -I do that. -Me too. -I think that's a common thing, but I gotta tell you, it totally works. -Yeah. -Eat some trees and then asparagus would be a stick or something and then, you know, play the games. -Uh-huh. -I mean sometimes you're just gonna have pasta with butter and cheese and that's okay 'coz they're not-- -Yeah, it's not gonna kill. -Exactly. -There's an app that moms can now download and it helps you figure it all out. There's ways to sneak in vegetables and new ideas for snacks. I'm gonna pass the tablet around so you can take a look at that particular app. Here you go, Alex. [unk]. It's available exclusively on the Windows store for Windows 8. It's called Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide. I love it for moms because it's the app that gives you everything that you need to know. You can get tips, follow your changes and the baby's changes, track the milestones, and everything is all in 1 place. You don't have to go searching all over the place for it too. And there's really good features on it that I see you're looking at right now. Live tiles. You can pin your favorite topics to your start screen and you can share and search all at the same time. So, what's going on? You have questions in your mind and there you go. You can go straight to the app to get all the answers. It's all right here. -Exactly. -Thank you so much ladies. Alright. Well, you heard it here. To find out everything that you need to know about pregnancy to toddlerhood, be sure to download the Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide app for Windows 8. It's available exclusively on where, Alex? The Window store. -There you go. -To watch more Mom Tales videos, you can stay with us right here. We'll see you next time.