Tales Episode Four: Milestones

Mom Tales Episode Four: Milestones

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Hi there, I'm Audra Lowe and we are continuing with one of my favorite webisodes, Mom Tales. It's a fun, candid, mommy meet up with some of my favorite women that are here right now and we've been talking about the first few years of motherhood and giving tips for moms-to-be. So, we have a lot to talk about today including a really cool app. It was created over by parents by our friends there and it's called Parents, Pregnancy, and Baby Guide and it's available exclusively on the Window stores. So, sit back and relax as we talk about that and a whole lot more. But first, I have to introduce you to the ladies. Well, welcome back to Mom Tales. Today, we're talking about major moments in our little ones' lives and joining me on our panel today. I'm so excited to introduce to you Jill Cordes. She is a lifestyle expert in blogger. We've got Carolina Buia. She is a freelance writer and mom of 2 sets of twins. You go girl. -Yes. -Give me 5 on that one, right there. Also author of Little Kids, Big City and proud Brooklyn mom, Alex McCord is here, and finally actress and comedienne Ms. Kelly Deadmon, also back with us again today. Good to have you ladies here. Okay, so we're so talking about-- Let's just put it bluntly, mom's freaking out over things not happening fast enough or as fast as their friend's kids did. Let's talk about things like your baby calling you mommy for the first time. In my case, my daughter called daddy first and then she said mommy and I was a little-- I was a little hurt, but you know it happens. Were you-- Were you freaked out at all by the fact that your kid didn't say certain things within a year or a year and a half? -You know for me that's one place where I really leaned on reading my books because I sort of-- I wasn't thinking it was a race to reach that milestone, but when should I freak out because I had 2 boys and they were both slow at everything. It's like do I need to have them checked out yet or is it okay? -Exactly. -What about you Jill. -You know, I feel like you-- my motto became after some trouble at the playground like my son is not doing that, what's happening. Don't compare and despair -Yeah. -'cause I think everybody reaches their own milestones when they reach them, but it's hard not to because sometimes you have these moms that are like, "My son is walking when he was 6 months old." That's so funny. -Yeah. -and balancing the check book. -Right. That is really tough because if -Speaking Arabic. -kids walking, you know, at certain points in times in their lives, the kid walks when they feel like walking, but-- -And you tell yourself I'm not gonna be competitive. I'm not gonna let it get to me, but you can't help yourself. I speak Spanish at home. So, my kids were not delayed, but it didn't have as many as words in English 'cause they were speaking Spanglish. -Uh huh. -And when I hear other kids speaking like, "Oh, you're sons aren't saying that yet?" I'm like, "No, but they're saying it in Spanish." -What about you Jill? Was there one point that you were saying, "You know what, this isn't happening as fast as they say it's supposed to happen." -You know, I had a girl first and, you know, girls are kind of brilliant. They're actually everything happened as it should. -Yeah. -Now, I have a boy and that he's 8 month's old. -Yes. -Then, we're gonna see if like, you know, he doesn't talk until he's 5 or something. I'm just kidding. -That's-- That's one of the things that a lot of people don't tell moms-to-be is that if you have a boy, certain things may happen, a certain pace versus girls. We're going to the potty training phase right now. -Uh huh, right there with you. -A lot of patience. -Yeah. -How's your experience spent with them? -You know what I did them two at a time. -Okay. -Now, I do everything. -Of course. -Now-- Now, we're almost potty trained except for at night where they still have to wear a diaper, but my son suddenly loves when he's outside just weeping it out and going all over the place and it's actually embarrassing. -Good time. -Where did find out information about learning to potty train your kids? Did you call friends, relatives? Did you look online? Did you talk to, you know, someone that you trust? -All of the above. -Everything. -Yeah, I wish I had enough when I was going to-- -Yeah. -There should be enough for everything. -Yeah. -So that's what I wanna do. I wanna share some information. I know that you 3 ladies have had a chance to kind of check this app out before. -Uh huh. -Carolina this is gonna be your first time. Are you ready? -I'm ready and I wanna go to the potty training first-- -There you go. -Uh huh. -I'm gonna give this to you Jill if you don't mind just kind of helping the walker through and I'll explain to the viewers exactly what the-- the app is here itself. As we know, some moms don't necessarily know where to go to share this anxiety or share information about what's next, so to help moms out, parents created a cool app. It's available exclusively on the Windows store for Windows 8 and take a look at it right now and it's called Parents, Pregnancy, and Baby Guide and it's available for Microsoft devices. It's-- I think it's perfect for moms because it's the app that really gives you everything that you need to know from pregnancy to toddlerhood, and as you can see it's at the touch or feeling in these fingertips. -Now I love it. -What do you like it? -That's all in one play. -Would like it to track everything? -I love the visuals. -Uh huh. -It's so much easier than carrying a big book around. -Right. -Uh huh. -Exactly. -Absolutely. -It's much easier. You can track so many milestones just by looking it this all in one place and there's also some really helpful features on there too like Live Tiles. You can pin your favorite topics to your start screen and share easy searching. Moms and moms-to-be, you heard it here first to find out everything that you need to know about pregnancy to toddlerhood. Be sure to check out the Parents, Pregnancy and Baby Guide app. It's available exclusively for Windows 8 on the Windows store and to watch more Mom Tales videos, you can stay with us right here. I wish you could hang out with us 'cause we're gonna keep talking. -Alright, we'll see you next time. Buh bye.