Tales Episode Two: Sleeping

Mom Tales Episode Two: Sleeping

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-Hi there. I'm Audra Lowe and this is Mom Tales. It's a fun, candid mommy meet-up with my favorite women. And we're talking about those first few years of motherhood along with some great tips for moms to be. Now, our friends and parents created a really cool app. It's available exclusively on the Windows store. It's called Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide. We're gonna talk about that today and a whole lot more of course. So, come and meet the ladies. Alright. Here a mom of a newborn [unk] your first year of mommyhood. We all know all too well what it's like to not get enough sleep. That's what we're laughing about right now actually. With me today are my favorite ladies who can definitely dish about pretty much everything mom related. First off, Jill Cordes is here. She's a lifestyle expert and blogger. Jordan Reid is the host of a web series, Jordan in the House; and she's also the founder and blogger for Author of Little Kids Big City and proud Brooklyn mom, Alex McCord. And finally, comedian, actress, and mom, Kelly Deadmon. So, ladies, it is so good to have you here again and-- and we already started chatting. So, let's just dive right on in there. We're talking about sleep or lack thereof. -Uh-huh. -[unk] right here. -Right now. Can we just order cappuccino? -That's the one thing that I don't think people warn you about as much before you have a child. -Right. -Now, my daughter is 2 years old and I-- What people say is do you get 8 hours of sleep? I never ever-- -No! -ever get 8 hours of sleep. -How can get-- -5! -8 hours of sleep? -Thank you very much. How much sleep do you ladies get a night would you say? -Okay. The first baby, I seriously lost my mind. I understood [unk]. -Yeah. -I understood sleep torture. -I screamed in the middle of the night. -Okay. -You get it. -From the deprivation. -Right. It was so crazy. Right? -So, the second time around, I am going to admit this. I hired a night nurse to be there for 3 weeks and she was there for 7 months. -Oh. -And my husband naturally said it's worth going into death for. My wife is not insane. -You know what? No judgment here, whatsoever, because a lot of women will judge if you have-- -I know. -had a lot of help at home. -Yeah. -Everyone is different. It's very, very tough. -I want a-- -Think clean. -You know what I did? I reframed the Saturday morning issue and that-- that's daddy's special time with the baby. -There you go. -Daddy's special time and I'm just gonna leave. -Did anybody ever ask friends to come? Did you ask friends or family members to come and-- -No. They-- -I just don't sleep anymore. -Yeah. -How do you-- -What is it like? -You're sort of like-- -Like okay, whatever. -We need to know who these women are that say that you need to sleep when the baby sleeps. -Well, there are occasions that I throw lid out the window and I do nap when they nap and, you know, yeah but then everything just gets pushed back and then I'm more-- -Right. -stressed out at night and then I have to drink more wine and-- -I think I would rather feel the accomplishment from getting a few things done than feel good that I got sleep. -No. I know that we're ladies that are all about sharing advice and information that we wish we knew-- -Yeah. -about our pregnancies and about having babies with other women that necessarily didn't have that information. Now earlier, I had a chance to share an app with you. We all passed this tablet around. We had a chance. There it is. It's up now. Parents created it for Windows 8. It's available exclusively on the Windows store and it's called the Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide. I know that you ladies have had the chance to look at it before, but for-- for moms out there or moms to be out there who don't necessarily have this information, it's a cool way to be on the lookout for when your baby might start sleeping through the night, which we love, right? -Yeah. -Yes! -Or a chance for the best way to get both mom and baby to sleep. It's all here on a great new app for mom. This is the app that gives you everything that you need to know from pregnancy to toddlerhood. It's right at the touch of your fingers. So, do you-- do you like it? -It's great. -Do you think it's useful? -We can go on and on about this whole thing. Honestly, we have so much to talk about. Thank you ladies, though, for being here and for refreshing yourself with the app too. Moms to be, you heard it here first. To find out everything that you need to know about pregnancy to toddlerhood, trust us, be sure to check out the Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide app. It's available exclusively on the Windows store for Windows 8 and make sure to watch more Mom Tales videos right here with us. We'll see you next time.