Tales Episode One: Pregnancy

Mom Tales Episode One: Pregnancy

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-Hi there, I'm Audra Lowe and this is Mom Tales. It's a fun, candid, mommy meet up with my favorite women and we're talking about those first few years of motherhood along with some great tips for moms-to-be. Now, our friends and parents created a really cool app. It's available exclusively on the Windows store and it's called Parents, Pregnancy, and Baby Guide. We're gonna talk about that today and a whole lot more of course. So, come and meet the ladies. Alright, was there ever a tale to tell about parenting? These women sitting right here could definitely write a book, the sequel, who are we kidding the trilogy all about the mommyhood. With me today is My-Go-To-Crew for all things mommy-related and I'm so excited. Jill Cordes is here. She is a lifestyle expert and blogger. To her right is Jordan Reid. Jordan is a host of the web series, Jordan in the House, and she's also the founder and blogger for Now,to my right over here, we've the author of Little Kids, Big City and proud Brooklyn mom, Alex McCord, and finally actress, comedienne, and mom of only son, Ms. Kelly Deadmon. Good to have all here. -Good to be here. -We can all relate to the subjects here. You know, I remember when I was pregnant and a working mom full-time, commuting every single day. It was very tough to try to keep the information that was coming into you and track. -Uh huh. -How did you all do that when you were pregnant trying to figure out exactly what was going on with your body and with the baby? Jill, let's start with you. -Well, Audra you were really busy. I think I was the busiest unemployed person that I know. That gave me wait too much time to be a completely obsessive and, you know, research so many things on the internet. I also-- One of the really fun thing that I did to keep track my pregnancy is each week I knew what fruit, the size of the fruit, -Right, right. -was like a kiwi. -That was fun. -So I have like a whole photo book of like, "Mama at 8 weeks. You're the size of a kiwi. Now, you're the size of a shrimp." All these things like, someday my daughter and my son, I can look back on so I mean it was fun. You know, it took up my time. I became, you know, I said -Learning is absorbing all the information. -Exactly right. How about you Jordan? -Well, you know, I was first of my friends to get pregnant. I don't have a lot of family in area so it was like the second I thought that I was pregnant I was online looking for information. -Online. -I was all about the online community right away. -That's great. -How about you 2 ladies? Did you also turn straight to the internet for information? -I did because like Jordan I was the first one to get pregnant and all of my family is way far away from New York City. -Uh huh. -So, it was obsessive information gathering and I grow up not wanting to have kids and then I changed my mind so I felt like I didn't have the mommy Jane. I'm like wait a minute. -Yeah. -This is all new. -Now, I need to know what I'm in for. -Exactly. -Kelly, how about you? -Yeah. I was the same. I was like-- I was so not gonna have children so I never even went there. You know, I wasn't-- I had a best friend who was 6 months ahead of me in her pregnancy so we were doing a lot of phone time, but a lot of-- -Sometimes it's not important. -Yeah. We just-- I just want-- -She's just having fun right there with you. -Yeah totally. And I have a friend you had an older child and so she-- she knew I wanted to get pregnant before I even told my husband. -Oh-- -Like I told her I wanted to get pregnant. She's just like, "Why? I can only help you so far--" So, let's talk about this because she just seemed to know all these marks and of course I was online. -Uh huh. -I was online all the time like obsessively I thought about doing scrapbooks. I thought about it. -Uh huh. -And then I have some ice cream. -Oh. -So, there are always things that you wish you had when you were pregnant. -Uh huh. -Okay, so there's an app that we found out about. It makes things so much easier for moms. Parents created a really cool app that helps moms get and share information easily with each other. Here it is. I'm gonna pass this around so you can now take a look at it. It's called the Parents, Pregnancy, and Baby Guide. It's available exclusively on the Windows store. -Right. -And I love it because it's perfect for moms. It's the app that gives you everything that you need to know from pregnancy to toddlerhood. -That's great. -It's right at the touch of your fingertips and you get to follow the changes and also track the milestones all in one place. You like that week by week. -Wow! - -Yeah. -and then when after the baby is born. -Exactly. -Like this almost makes me wanna get pregnant again. -You can keep use again. -Right. -Almost. -Not me. -Maybe, maybe, but you see there's Live Tiles right here. -That's fantastic. -That's really awesome. You can pin your favorite topics to your start screen. You can also share and search really easily to it, multitasking with this thing. -Oh I love. -Pregnancy brain Audra I walked into my kitchen cabinet and broke my nose when I was pregnant. -Oh no. -That was my best pregnancy brains to my-- -Because you forgot the door was there? -I forgot the door was there. -Really? -I was rushed to the ER. I like, "Is my baby okay? -Oh no. -Yeah. -My baby, not my case. -Is my baby okay? -If you get rushed to the ER when you're pregnant, you get save right away. -Yeah, at that part. -And it's a trick you don't wanna really practice. -No. -No, no, not often. -The mommy brain is very real though. -Oh that is so real. -I was thinking it never goes away, right? -No. -No, it just gets worse the mommy brain, you know, mother of toddler's brain, mother of elementary school children brain and just goes on. -Now, I'm glad that us moms who were never gonna have kids changed our mind. -Yeah, absolutely. -Oh that's because you never. -I can't imagine life without them now. -Right. -No one-- -Thank you ladies so much for being here. I'm glad that our babies were able to bring us together. -That's right. -Alright, the Parents, Pregnancy, and Baby Guide app is available exclusively on the Windows store for Windows 8 and to watch more Mom Tales videos, stay with us right here.