to Plan a Trip

How to Plan a Trip

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-Hi, Erin. I know you're busy getting ready for a trip. But you're a mother of a toddler and you have another baby on the way, I thought that maybe you could share us some great packing tips and travel tips for the moms at home. -I most definitely will, especially a party travel in just around the corner. -Okay, so what's the key that moms and dads need to know when they're packing and getting ready to travel? -Plan ahead if you can plan ahead as much as possible. -Erin, what are your recommendations for planning ahead. -Lists, lists and more lists. There are like Mommy Track and there are 2 different ones by Mommy Track. This one, the reason I have this one with a grocery list is because on an airplane, you only can bring so many things and especially when it comes to food these days as we all know there's a lot of security issues. Put down your grocery list for those small little products and check it off. The other one is your home to do and work to do. Keep that home to do side and on that right down every single thing that you put in your bag, for your munchkin as well as we everything for yourself. The next thing that you want to do is you wanna pack a bag for all of your kits for the airplane and then also you wanna pack a bag for each little munchkin for them to carry bubbles or little extra sketch, graphical extra sketching here and a little sticker book. All of these are about $2-$3. Nothing too crazy but just a few things in there as well as the fun little bracelets, something like that for her being a little girl that she can-- So all little gadgets that she can carry or she can have on her but they're not too heavy and she can always have it with here no matter where she goes. -You got it. -Okay. -And inside name and phone number. Anything in the suitcase for the airplane, don't bring it out until that day of. So these kids have no idea. This is the brand new toy surfing on the airplane. -Okay, these are things that you were going to choose that you know will keep their interest. -Yes. -You know that the liked these toys, so it's not something that they choose to put in. -No. -Because then they're gonna have the interest of getting into that bag. -Exactly. Separates you a little lobby. -Sure. -You know, their own little lobby or stuff animal. -Right. But this is the bag that's gonna be a complete surprise for them once they're on the plane. -Yes, complete surprise. This when you are on the plane is for mom and potentially she's nursing. It is called the Baby Olay. -Baby Olay. -Yes. -And what is this? -You put it around your neck and you can nurse comfortably and sit down and not have to worry about your little one popping off or anything. What you wanna do is bring small size snacks for your kids as well as this is something I cannot recommend highly enough of empty [unk] cup because on a plane what they get is the cup with a lid and a straw. They can't tip over and even if you got, say a little who just started to drink out of a cup, bring their own, you can break the security. -Okay, we have the activities taking care of this, but what about the clothing? -Well, you do wanna have one that's special cute little outfit to show grandma when you first step off the airplane. -So, do you not want to put your child in that special outfit when you fly. -You're right. You don't want to, because anything can happen and you want your kid be comfortable. -Sure. -So you wanna keep these outfits in this bag or another bag. And put them on after you get off the airplane. -So, I'm gonna sit here and go through this book and take a look at your family photos and entertain myself for a while. Thank you for making our flying trip easy and hassle-free. -My pleasure. -Thank you for watching Parents TV, our families our lives.