Milestones: What to Expect at 19 Months

Development Milestones: What to Expect at 19 Months

See which milestones your baby should be reaching by 19 months, like mastering walking and balance, and by skillfully using her fingers.

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Annette is now 19 months old. When she was 11 months old, she still needed some support to balance while standing and while taking her first steps. Eight months later, we can see that Annette has mastered walking and doesn't need any support. Her balance has developed to the point where she can also play with a ball. Annette can use her fingers more skillfully now than at 8 months ago, and she likes to practice her new skills. She can now draw with a crayon, build a tower of blocks, turn pages in a book, and twist or press buttons on a toy. Toys that can make a sound are especially popular at this age.