Milestones: What to Expect at 11 Months

Development Milestones: What to Expect at 11 Months

In this video, you'll see two eleven month old girls who are at different stages of development. Watch and see which milestones each have reached and are still working toward.

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In this video, we'll look at two girls of the same age. While both of these girls are developing normally, we'll see that there are different stages of development. Annette and Christine are both 11 months old. Annette has gotten better at standing up, but still needs some help to keep her balance. She can stand on one foot while lifting the other and can take a few steps while supported. She still needs help to sit back down. This is typical development for children of her age. Christine, on the other hand, is a little further along than most kids with her physical development. She's quite good at standing without any support and can take several steps without falling. She can also stop, turn around, walk in the other direction and bend down without losing her balance. She's not yet fully steady. When she gets excited and tries to move faster, she will fall. But she gets up quickly and continues to walk. Most kids will get to this point a few months later. This video is only comparing these two girls' physical development. It's possible that Annette is further along in other areas, like language. Just keep in mind that children of the same age will reach various milestones at different times. In the case of Annette and Christine, their development is completely normal.