Decide Election 2012: Role of Government

Moms Decide Election 2012: Role of Government

What kind of role should the government play in our daily lives? The moms on our political panel debated this controversial question.

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-So, what I just wanna say as a general comment is we're gonna get corded and we have so much power but in the end of the day, these candidates also have to give back to what they made those promises, that if education is important with us, growth in the economy, jobs, whatever it is, they have to be there to support what they say. To put money and power and action into all these promises. -The calculations for me are about the fact that it's financially impossible for the entire country to be covered. Insurance companies can't possibly afford it, we couldn't afford it. -I definitely do feel like there are kind of a do-nothing congress. At this point, you know, it doesn't matter what party they're in. Everything has become about you know, how I can turn your record around and twist your words and have a [unk] say what you've done Wrong. I'm both sides. I don't wanna single anyone out. They're all doing it. I think it's a huge problem in this service 'cause what it drives is a deep divide within the country, and now everybody is arguing over non-facts, basically and we're not actually getting anything done. -It does like-- -There is no more compromise. -I agree a lot of the young people that I'm coming up with, so I'm like in the twenty-five age range. A lot of them are there. They're really hardworking. They are really wanting to take responsibility for where they are with their student loans. Are very optimistic but there's also a sense of a mistress with all the social media. I can feel like the government is very concern with my womb and it bothers me. I'm very concern with that. -In terms of the interest in the womb, I think that we're so polarized. -Looking to a lunch for people using their wombs. -A lot of the issues that people are raising are ethical issues which we often say we don't want the government to be legislating and yet, then we have to talk about how it is that the policies the government enacts impacts those ethical decisions. -I think what will drive me to the poles and I think I probably will and that voting for Mitt Romney is-- I think the biggest issue for me is religious freedom and freedom of conscience just with-- for example the contraceptive mandate and how I think that violates that catholic churches, religious freedom. So, that would be a big issue for me.