When Sawyer was 4, he was determined to be Wall-E for Halloween. He loves the movie and the song that Wall-E plays. We had difficulty finding Wall-E merchandise because the film had been out for a couple of years already, so we made him a costume from a cardboard box. The treads and eyes are made from paperboard (mostly boxes from capri-suns and soda). We pinned the eyes to a black beanie cap from the dollar store, and fingers to dollar store gloves that we cut the fingers off of. The gears inside the treads are juice bottles, pop cans, and formula containers. Everything is painted with inexspensive "toll paints" from the craft store. We glued a plastic roach on top as an added touch. Finally, we bought a recordable greeting card and held it up to the speakers on our TV to record Wall-E's favorite song. Then we cut an opening in the box where Wall-E compacts trash and rigged the card to play when the hatch opened. We lined the hatch with a mesh bag to collect candy.

Fri, 28 Sep 2012|

-It's trick or treat. -It's easy. -You are so cute.