Decide Election 2012: Economic Issues

Moms Decide Election 2012: Economic Issues

See what the moms on our political panel have to say about the economy.

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-I'm a small business owner. It is hell everyday. I mean, you know, I worry how do I pay my employees, how do I, you know, how do I get through the next day. I don't know sometimes how I can make payroll, I really don't. And it's very difficult but you know what? I persevere and I'm just trying to be successful. That is the American way to try and strive and yes, there gonna be people that are gonna earn outlander sums of money, but that is their right and if they've earned it, they should earn it, and they should get it. It's not for me to take their money away from them. -Nobody bailed us out of our student loans. Nobody is bailing is out of our student loans. In fact, when we bought our first house, which was difficult, we have a mortgage that is 6.75%, and we can't refinance it because our loan to value is so low that we're stuck. And I would have been better off buying a house that I couldn't have afforded, and having somebody bail me out than the house that I actually said, "You know what honey? We can make the mortgage payment on this if we're careful." And instead of it, now we're the ones who were-- who got the short another stick because people were either bailed out or refinance that 2.2%, and I'm considered the 1%, and I don't really think that people take in to you know, cost of living and I have three children and we don't come from money. -There are people who are working really, really, really hard in giving a really good paychecks like I make decent money on paper but that is not what I take home. It's very frustrating. -I get a tone of people feeling very frustrated about-- -I'm frustrated. -the sort of [unk]. I hear you. Sort of for people who feel like, we've done everything right and it's kind of not quite working out as planned. Is that a sense of [unk]? -[unk] moms that I interact with online all the time, that in here-- -They don't feel the rebound. -they don't feel the rebound, and they struggle to make ends meet. The struggles to find a job that's gonna actually allow them to put food on the table, sneakers on their kids and pay for college. That you know, back with when everything exploded, having a, you know, pantry challenge, let's cook what's in our pantry and not have to shop, it was fun. You know, like we could make it a game and we can do DIY holiday gifts and it can be an excuse to spend more time together and get oriented to what matters deeply and you know, as moms, we you know, we make the best of everything. And there's this exhaustion around it now. And so, I keep hearing from moms. It's about you know, wanting-- I mean, as I see it, like jobs. Why-- -Economy, economy, economy. -Economy, economy.