Discipline: Exhibit C

Toddler Discipline: Exhibit C

Laura Kalehoff, Executive Editor of American Baby magazine, records her son Julian's bad behavior to get discipline advice from Harvey Karp, M.D., Parents advisor and author of "The Happiest Toddler."

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Speaker1- [unk] Speaker2- Jules, I am sharing it but it's just not-- I can't have you just walk around with it. Speaker1- Okay. I'm not. Speaker2- Jules, here. Give it back to me. Speaker1- Why do you need it? Speaker2- Because I need to keep it with the stereo upstairs. Speaker1- Why? Speaker2- Because I can't let it break. Speaker1- I wanna-- Speaker2- Okay, and it's not a toy. Speaker1- Oh, do you need to share it? Speaker3- No. He has it. Speaker2- Jules, I will share it with you. Speaker3- Goodbye. Speaker1- No, you won't. Speaker2- Yes, I will but I can't have you walk around with it. You can play it back in my room, okay? Speaker1- I'm not gonna play friend like anymore if you take things from me. Speaker2- Jules, you're not gonna be my friend anymore if I take things from you? Speaker1- Yes.