with Whooping Cough

Child with Whooping Cough

This serious respiratory infection can be life-threatening to young children. The video shows a young child who has coughing fits and breathing difficulties which are typical for this disease.

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-This infant has pertussis, which is also known as whooping cough. At first, this illness appears to be an ordinary cold, but gradually the child's cough will worsen especially at night. The child will have coughing fits that consist of several short and sharp coughs in rapid succession. Observe this coughing child. After his coughing fit, he takes a deep breath and makes the characteristic whooping sound associated with the disease hence the name whooping cough. See how the nurse is treating this infant to help him breathe easier. He is still having coughing fits, but they are not as serious as before. An infant with pertussis will often whoop before vomiting and his skin can take on a bluish color because of the temporary lack of oxygen. In between the coughing fits, the child may appear to be in good health. If you suspect that your child has whooping cough, call your doctor immediately.