Cleaning With Kids!

Spring Cleaning With Kids!

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Give your home a spring cleaning with help from Walmart. Hi. I'm Alicia. I'm one of the moms that make up the Motherboard, a great resource for sharing ideas, information, advice, and inspiration-- mom to mom. In the Motherboard's free weekly newsletter, Life Made Better, we talk about fun, family, and how to take the chore out of spring cleaning. Motherboard moms show some really great tips on how to get the kids involved. It could be a chore, trying to get your kids to help clean. But if you turn it into a game, it won't seem like working off. Challenge them to see how fast they could get all the storybooks or toys put away. Here's a timer to make it more fun. Or put on some music and dance around, picking up until the song is over. My kids like the laundry game, where they toss clothes into the hamper from a few feet away. Kids love to sort. So, set up a different bin for darks and lights. Before you know it, you'll have picked up enough to get to the real spring cleaning. Kids do best when you give them one small task at a time. And make them feel important. Make one the head window cleaner, and the other the woodwork master. Then, set them up with eco-friendly cleaners with items you already have in your pantry. To make an all-purpose cleaner, mix one part vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. This is good on glass and countertops. To clean wood surfaces in your home, combine two parts lemon juice and one part olive oil. Pour a small amount on your rag, and use to polish finished wood surfaces. A simple, inexpensive and effective way to get your home clean from top to bottom. When you're mapping out your spring cleaning, keeping a chore chart will keep everybody on task. Post it on the refrigerator or a bulletin board. Charts help kids remember what chores need to be done and when. Once your child has done the task for the day, let him place a sticker in the correct box. If the stickers can build up to a spring activity as a reward, all the more fun. You can download an age-appropriate chore list at the If you make spring cleaning a fun family affair, you'll have more time to enjoy the season. For more ideas like these, sign up for the free Life Made Better newsletter at It's also a great way to share your best tips, tricks, and advice for raising kids. So, sign out, and get in on the conversation.