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Easy and Smart Holiday Storage

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Your one-stop shop for all your storage solutions is Walmart. Hi. I'm Jen. I'm one of the moms that make up the Motherboard, a great resource for sharing ideas, information, advice and inspiration mom to mom. And the Motherboard's free weekly newsletter, Life Made Better, we talk about fun, family and solutions to problems like storage. Motherboard moms says they want to start the New Year more organized. The very first challenge storing all their holiday stuff. Here's how to get started. Everybody loves holiday lights but they can become a real mess if you don't store them properly. Happily there are some handy ways to keep them organized including special storage you can buy or super duper simple do-it-yourself ideas like taking a flat piece of cardboard, just make a notch at one end then wrap the lights around the cardboard and tape the other end down. So easy. A sturdy cardboard roll, left over from a wrapping papers works just as well. And if the lights are for something specific, just label it right on the cardboard. Reefs and artificial greenery can be a storage challenge too, so one trick, just get a storage unit like this, this one has a drawer on it, you can just store the reefs one on top of the other. Another trick, re-use dry cleaner bags, this is super simple, you just attach the reef to the hanger or with ties, and then just flip the bag right over the reefs, tie up at the end and hang it up. Need help wrangling your wrapping paper? This is one of my favorite ideas, it is so simple. Hanging garment bags, perfect size for all those rolls of wrapping paper, you can even recycle used paper by wrapping it around the cardboard roll, storing it in the bag and your garment bag has extra pockets, you can make this an actual wrapping station, so your ribbons, your bows, tape and scissors all in one place. Super simple. Finally, we all know that special ornaments need a little TLC so ditch those old shoeboxes that can be easily damaged and preserve your works of art from your little ones or your fragile keep sake ornaments by just putting them in a hard plastic box and layering them with tissue, or you can also buy a special storage unit that is designed for ornaments, just go in here nice and easy, and they're safe and secure until they're ready to come out next year. For more great ideas like these sign up for the free Life Made Better newsletter at Sign up and get in on the conversation.