Tips for Better Family Roadtrips

Top Tips for Better Family Roadtrips

Motherboard: Travel Tips

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-Get ready to travel with the kids with great toys and books from Walmart. -Hi. I'm Jen, one of the moms who make up Motherboard, a great resource for sharing ideas, information, advice, and inspiration-- mom to mom. In Motherboard's free weekly newsletter, Life Made Better, we talk about family, fun, and the challenges we all face, like traveling with our kids. Motherboard moms say that sometimes, it's a struggle to keep things low-stress when the family hits the road. So, here are some parent-tested tips and tricks to help you make the whole experience a lot easier on everybody. We all know there is a lot of stuff to wrangle when you're traveling with little ones, including clothes. So, one way to keep the suitcase organized? Put entire outfits in these re-sealable bags. They pack well, you got an instant read on what you have, and it helps you keep track of how many days of clothing you have. Plus, they're a great way to bring all that dirty laundry back off. For the car, pack up some games or activities to keep the kids entertained. Put in some favorites, like some drawing toys, like etch or sketch. We'll put in some surprises, too, like new coloring books or perhaps some story books, special interest to your child, or about where you're going, or the holiday you're celebrating. Get the family together before the trip to pick out books and CD you'll all enjoy, or make a playlist of your favorite songs. If you have young kids, instead of trying to cram the big stuff into the car, taking up valuable space, ask for host about renting at your destination, or borrowing high chairs or play yards. Before the trip, you wanna stack the car with essentials-- paper towels in an accessible spot, some wipes, and a bag for garbage. Now, of course, you wanna have some healthy snacks, and you also wanna have some water on board. When the excitement of road games and coloring fades, it's time to pull out the electronic handheld games and the iPods. Make sure to bring extra batteries and earphones. Everyone will be ready for a little solitary playtime at that point. You could check out, we have iPad apps just for kids. The best piece of advice, plan to take your time. Kids need a chance to get out and blow off some steam. It's great fun if you can stop at a new playground or a fun restaurant along the way. And even short stops will help keep everyone happy until you get to grandma's. For more great ideas like these, sign up for the free Life Made Better newsletter at It's a perfect way to celebrate the successes, and solve the challenges of life in today's busy world. So, sign up and get in on the conversation.