and Easy Halloween Ideas You'll Love!

Quick and Easy Halloween Ideas You'll Love!

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-Your one-stop shop for all your Halloween fun is Walmart. -Hi. I'm Jen, one of the Mom's Makeup Motherboard, a great resource for sharing ideas, information, advice and inspiration mom to mom. In Motherboard's free weekly newsletter, Life Made Better, we talk about family, fun and celebrations like Halloween. Motherboard moms say this is absolutely one of their favorite holidays, mostly because of all the ways that can involve the kids from making costumes to decorating and, of course, handing out treats. Motherboard moms have tons of great ideas to make Halloween super low-stress. Here are a few of my faves. Trick or treating is a part of Halloween. But since everyone's trying to be a little bit more health conscious, it doesn't have to be all about the candy. Our moms are telling us they're using alternatives like crazy straws or pencils, little googly skeletons. And these are the classic, the spider ring. And new, silly bands, extremely popular. Now, you can them as individuals, but if you like, you can actually make an activity with your kids, get cute little bags and just bundle them up together. Tie them up with a little ribbon. Now, when the word gets out, you are gonna have the most popular house on the block. When it comes to costumes, you have 2 great options. Store bought or homemade. Now, if you've never made a costume for your kids, but you wanna give it a go, I say, go for it. Just keep these tips in mind. First, let your child help make the choice. This flower pot is super cute. But if your little down boy has got your heart set on going at the goalie, she won't wanna wear it. Second, don't wait until the last minute. This retro robot's not complicated, but it does require some specific supplies like dryer vent tubing. So, try to make the costume choice and the supply list a few weeks ahead of time. And third, let your child help. Kids get bored if you turn costume creation into a marathon work session. So, do a little work each day the week before Halloween. Of course, the ultimate accessory for any costume is a cool carrier for all the loot. Just pull out those shopping bags that you have stashed in the closet and let your kids get creative. All you need are some basic craft supplies like felt, glue, some puffy paints and an assortment of spooky do that's. The options are endless. So, here is a really easy option. Just take some googly eyes, put them all over the bag, super easy. Very spooky. Your kids will love decorating their own bags and you can feel good about recycling. For more great ideas like these, sign up for the free Life Made Better Newsletter at It's the perfect way to celebrate the successes and fight the challenges of life in today's busy world. It's also a great way to share your best tips, tricks and advice for raising kids. So, sign up and get in on the conversation.