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Back-to-School Organization Secrets

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-Find all your family's back-to-school needs and the items that organize your lives at Walmart. -Hi. I'm Melanie and I'm one of the moms that make up Motherboard, a great way to share information, ideas, advice and inspiration mom to mom through our free weekly newsletter, Life Made Better. We talk about real life issues we all face like the whirlwind of papers, of projects and homework that back-to-school brings back. We know from feedback from our Motherboard moms that you wanna get the clutter under control and you can with these ideas to keep you and your kids organized. Start with the spot for each child's papers. Hang them at a level they can easily reach. So, as soon as they walk in the door from school, they can do a quick download, putting notes to mom and dad, permissions slips or other important papers in their special spot. And keep a recycling bin close by for papers they don't need. For all the artwork and special projects that come home, create an instant gallery so you can put all of their creative work on display. This is super simple to do and it looks great. Just string up rope or twine and add some paper clips. Easy, fast and fun. Once they've downloaded all of their stuff, it's time to hit the homework and a cool caddy like this turns any space into an instant study area. Pick a colorful tote that's big enough to hold all of their supplies, but not too big for a kid to manage. Add a clip-on light so nobody is struggling to see their work and a vinyl placemat makes an instant workspace and it protects your furniture, too. Include a pencil box or zipper pouch pencils, pens, colored pencils, tape. That way, kids won't waste time searching for supplies before getting to work on a project. A personal-sized calendar or journal is a great way to encourage kids to keep track of what's coming up or what projects are due. It's also good for parents to be able to take a peak at, too. Like younger kids, add stickers or embellishments to their caddy to personalize it. Older kids could use a full luggage tag. With the right tools, you and your kids can conquer the clutter, stay on track and enjoy all of their achievements. For more great ideas like this, sign up for our free weekly newsletter, Life Made Better, at It's a great way to share your success stories and solve the challenges families face in today's hectic world. It's also a good place to share your best tips, tricks and advice for raising kids. Sign up today and get in on the conversation.