Turkey Meatloaf

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-From the Family Circle Kitchen to your kitchen on Parents TV. -Looking for a quick and easy meal, but you're family is tired of the same old leftovers and takeout? Well, how about a new twist on an old favorite? I'm Juli Auclair with Parents TV and we are here in the Family Circle test kitchen with senior food editor, Julie Miltenberger. Thanks for having us again. -Nice to see you again, Juli. -And she's gonna show us how to make Italian turkey meatloaf. -In your slow cooker. -In your slow cooker no less. It sounds healthy, but delicious. -Definitely. It covers both of those kind of requirements for an easy weeknight or even weekend dinner. -Okay. Sounds good to me. How do we start? -Well, first, I'm gonna have you take about 2 feet, you know, 24 inches of nonstick aluminum foil. -Okay. Can do that. -So, just keep pulling it out there. -There it goes. -Yeah. It looks pretty good. -That's good? -And you're gonna tuck it inside of the bowl of your slow cooker. -Now, would it stick otherwise? -It probably would. -Okay. You know, you just wanna make it easier 'cause you're also gonna use this to lift-- -Oh, the low-- -out of the-- out of the pan. Okay, so-- -Just like this? -Yup and just kind of press it down on the bottom. -Okay. -You're gonna use this as your little lifters. -Okay. -Just make sure that it's nonstick side up 'cause then you're not defeating the purpose of using nonstick. -That's important. Right. -All right. So, I'm starting with 1 pack of ground turkey. It's about 20 ounces or so. -Okay. -1 green pepper that I finely diced. Just dump it in there. -Onion. -1 medium onion also just finely diced. -This is really quick to do. -It's very quick to do. -And maybe you've chopped all the ingredients the night before. -Yes. -Makes it so simple when you get home. -Very fast. -Or can you have it on the slow cooker all day while you're at work? -Oh, I would probably say that you could put it in the morning, but it does only cook on low for about 4-1/2 hours. -Okay. -So, it's more like an afternoon-- late afternoon-- -Mix in. -So, that was half a cup of seasoned bread crumbs. -Alright. -1 lightly beaten egg. -Uh-huh. -And then I've got a third cup of grated parmesan cheese hence the Italian theme. -That's what makes it Italian. I was wondering. Okay. -Half a cup of tomato sauce. -Uh-huh. -It's just from an 8-ounce can and you're gonna use the rest of it later on. -All right. -I'll tell you about that. This is 2 cloves of chopped garlic and then a teaspoon of Italian seasoning. -And again, the Italian-- -The Italian theme, right? -Okay. Yes. -You're a quick learner. -I'm picking it up. -Half teaspoon of garlic salt and a quarter teaspoon of black better. -Okay. -All right. So, we can go ahead-- -All in one bowl. -and stir that together. -All right. I'll mix that up while you clean that up. -All right. -And what if you don't have a slow cooker? -If you don't have a slow cooker, you could do this in the oven as well. You know, you could probably cook it about 350 degrees or maybe 45 minutes to an hour. -What do you think? -I think it looks pretty good. Pull the slow cooker a little closer to us. I will spoon this in there. -All right. Now, it's in a pretty good loaf shape. All right. It's covered up. -Okay. So now, we're gonna take it and plug it in. we're gonna cook it on high for 2-1/2 hours or you can do it on low for about 4-1/2 hours. -All right. I wanna cook it on high 'cause I want it done quickly. -Okay. Great. Okay, 2-1/2 hours and we're ready to go. -Okay. Looking good in there. All right, Julie, let's work on the sauce. -All right. And it's really quick. You're gonna use a quarter cup more of the tomato sauce that you have. -Okay. -You're gonna use a teaspoon of Italian seasoning and 2 tablespoons of grated parmesan. -Okay. Easy enough. -So, you're just gonna stir that together in a small bowl. -Uh-huh. And then when you have about 30 minutes left on the baking time on the meatloaf, you're just gonna spoon that on top and continue to bake. -Okay. How does that look? -It looks good. -And you know what? We're just about there. Let's go put it on. -Okay. -Okay. -Great. Okay. -Ooh, it looks good. -I just wanna evenly spoon that over. -It smells yummy too. -Yeah. We'll cover it up again 'cause we don't wanna lose too much heat. -Ooh, I can't wait. Half an hour left? -Yes. -All right. Let's wait for that. -Great. We are all set. So go ahead and lift out that meatloaf. -It looks fantastic. Let's bring it over. I'll take the cover off over here. -Okay. Great. -You bring it over. -I'll bring the loaf. Dinner is served. -Served. -Okay. So, what's nice about this with the foil is that you can just use the foil to lift it right out of the pan. -You always have a great tip for us. -Oh, we try to make life easy. -Yes, you do and it works. -So then, we're gonna lift it up very gently. -Okay. -Raise against. Transfer it to a serving platter. Done. And then we discard that foil and the liquid inside and then we would just slice and serve. -Turkey isn't always the moistest, but that looks very moist and delicious. -Well, the bread crumbs in there really helped. -The egg. -And the egg, and the onion, and the green pepper so-- -Let's try. -All right. We did slave over a hot slow cooker all day. -I can really taste the parmesan. It's delicious, isn't it? -Well, I love what the Italian herbs and the tomato sauce do. -Really rounds out the whole flavor. -That is delicious. It's absolutely delicious. Well done, Julie. -Thanks very much. -And if you would like more great recipes and ideas, be sure to pick up a Family Circle Magazine or check back here. We'll have plenty more for you at Make it tonight. Enjoy. That is so good. -Thanks.