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-Listen up because the information I'm about to tell you will hit home, literally. Did you know that the chemical additives found in many of the goods that we used at home has been linked to everything from respiratory illness, to asthma, to allergies, to even cancer? These chemical additives can be found in everything from diapers to baby's bottles, toys, clothing, baby's mattresses, linen, the list goes on and on. Well, lucky for me I have Lesly Federici here. She is a Registered Nurse and she's a parent educator and she's gonna help us identify these products and helps us go green for our family. Lesly, come on over. -Hello. -I'm so glad you're here. Such a pleasure-- -Glad to be here. -Pleasure meeting you. I have to say, the list is mind boggling, it goes on and on. -Right. It is mind boggling and the thing is that I want to emphasize here, which is why we created the class at Overlook Hospital 'Go Baby Green', is to teach parents to raise their awareness about what's in their home and there're so very simple steps that they can take to change it, to create a healthier environment for babies and themselves. -One thing in particular that you would focus on, if you have to choose one thing. -One thing? -Yeah. -This is a good start. This is a good start. -How did I know you're gonna--? -This is a very good start. Most people need to raise their awareness about Hepa, that filters their vacuum cleaners because-- -I don't even know what that means, a Hepa filter. -It-- well, it's a Hepa filter that collects all the particles in the air and they stay in the filter. -We've talked about the vacuum cleaner but I know-- you know what's important to me? -Yes. -The most important to me, obviously because I'm a new mother, the baby's room. And I wanna know-- yeah and she's like she got some skin allergies too. So I'm really excited and check it out. Can we do that? -Let's go check it out. Yes. -Okay. Let's do it. -Okay. Okay, talk to me about this crib because I'm worried about what're you gonna say. -All right. The first thing is the mattress. It needs to be-- -Actually, the mattress was expensive. What are you telling me? -I'm telling you, maybe in it-- I don't know what you have but I would recommend to new parents to get a-- organic cotton or wool mattress. -Okay. -Simply because of all the chemicals that they used in creating the actual mattress. And, you know, same of the furniture-- -Okay. -With clothing. -Yeah. Let's up with clothing next. Actually, you know what, let's go to linens first. -Okay. -We've talked about the mattress. -Right. Linen, again organic cotton however I know it's a big expense, so you have to bought like one or two, you know, because, you know, she just sleeps here and just replace it. -I only use one or two. Anyway, I wash them all the time and that's it. -Right. -Let's let sleeping beauty lie. And we'll move on to her products, the many products that Jos has. -My goodness. -Okay, obviously I have a typical station. I have my wipes. -Yes. -I have my creams, I have my powders but you're saying there's alternative. -Yes. One of the big things I'm concerned about, which we'll talk later, are fragrances. -Okay. -Stay away-- for babies, newborns up to a year older, I would just stay away with anything that has fragrances in it, perfumes, lots of fragrance. -And chlorines too, right? -Chlorine-free. So what I did is, I make-- -So, fragrance-free and chlorine-free for the most part? --cornstarch. Okay. In a nice little shaker, replaces your powder because usually a lot of powders have scent. Right? Stay away with anything with a scent. This is a nice alternative for diaper rash. And change it, you want smoother bottom. This is-- -I haven't seen this. What is this? -This is a cornstarch, vitamin E, you know, you just-- -Take the back. --take the contents of an E capsule and apricot oil. And then this is homemade wipes. But this is just paper towel roll. Paper towel cut here. -Paper towel, I can't believe it. Okay. -You know, you don't have to go crazy with this. -Now this is a little dry so you're gonna teach me how to moisten that up, right? -So this is a nice mixture again of Castile oil, which you would-- castile soap, which you would get at health good store, water and a little bit of eucalyptus scent because it's natural just for essence. -Spray that right on there? -Let's see how that feels. Let me try that. That's nice. Okay. So we want perfume-free, chlorine-free and essential fragrances or oils -- oils. -Essential oils, that's it. -I'm on board. You got me to bend. -So everything is natural. -Lesly, I want introduce you at something. This is my bucket-o-toxins, all my cleaning supplies. -All those, throw them out. -Throw them out. I've got to clean Lesly, so what do you want me to do? -What's the one that you usually use the most? -I guess, it's my-- it's the wood cleaner; it's a lot of dusting. -Okay. We'll, see for wood cleaning; I would use olive oil and lemon juice. -That's it. -Surpasses that, a 100%. -We're Italians, we like our olive oils. That's gonna work for me, I've got plenty of that. -Beautiful sheen. You won't believe it. -Okay. -Minus the toxins. -Okay. -Window cleaners, vinegar. -Vinegar? -Yes. I notice you have a green-- -I do, see I'm green. This isn't work? -My concern about this is it doesn't really list what's in it. Their heart is in a good place but here I think, this is a case of green washing with a really-- using the buzz word of green but the product doesn't really mean anything. -There's a big buzz about bottles right now. -There is a big buzz, it has to do with the chemical actually leeching in to the content that's in the bottle. -Okay. -So what you want do with-- glass is best, glass is number one. -Glass is number one. -Yes. Okay. So on the bottom, it-- there should be a triangle and the number within the triangle. -Okay, so if it's not here. If it's not on the bottle, which example not in this case, what do I do? -Call it an infection. Okay. The triangle means that it's recyclable. Okay and then a 5 or the 2 or the, you know, 2, 4, 5, it's telling you that this is actually been tested and then it's not leeching this bottle. -2, 4, 5? Stay alive. -Stay alive. -I loved the alternatives you have for all of this. Can I find these recipes anywhere? -Yeah. If you go online, you just typed in homemade, natural products, natural cleaning products, there's a whole bunch of information will come up. -I gotta tell you Lesly, I'm a little bit overwhelmed. I feel like I have to clean my house of my cleaning products. -I know. I know but you know what, you don't. Just start off small. One product makes small changes. Less is best. When you read your labels, just the less ingredients, there is less chemicals are in it, the better. You know, it's a lifestyle change. So little by little, the more you learn about it, the better. -Thank you so much. I'll tell you as much, I'm gonna start today.