're A Sexy Momma

You're A Sexy Momma

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-Okay. We've seen them around. They are those moms that actually look sexy and they look like they've taken hours getting ready in the morning but they haven't, because today we're gonna show you three simple steps that we can all take to turn us from soccer moms to sexy moms. Okay, step number one, sexy hair. What's wrong with my hair? -Your hair looks good, just very mommy. Hey, guys. -Hi. -Hello. Hi. -How are you? -Good to see you. -This is Master Stylist Alan Schafer and our wonderful helper Miranda. And-- -She's gonna make me sexy. Aren't you? -And you're gonna make me sexy, right? -And it's only gonna take a minute. Okay, Alan. This is my normal mom look. I wad it up in a messy ponytail bun thing. -I like it. -Now, but I need something sexy for like nighttime, daytime. -This is sexy but not nighttime, daytime. -All right. Fixing here. -So, again, this is gonna be fall out [unk] 'cause this is something that you can do by just taking and pulling your hair back into ponytail and then taking and twisting, take a bobby pin and we're pushing it into the side and then just back around. -Moms know ponytail. So this is sexy, right? -Moms know ponytails that aren't any better. This is just sprucing up the ponytail. -That's awesome. -So what defines sexy when it comes to hair? -Well, I think sexy is more of a feeling not necessarily a look. -Hi, Erin. -Hi, girls. -How are you? -[unk]. -This is Erin Livingston, our makeup artist today and Marnie first. -Yes. -Can you make that sexy? -Yeah. -I can do it. -So, I always think that woman looks most sexy when she feels sexy. So, what do you love about your face? -Honestly, no, I don't. I don't think about that but something I have noticed over the last year is that you could play with the color of your eyes. So, that's kind of fun. -I see. You have great big eyes and so, that's awesome. -Yeah. -Let's play with your eyes. Smoky eyes, you know, what's always hot and now, and I think some people get a little intimated by the term smoky eye but it just really means putting some darker colors here and some lighter colors here and smudging it down bottom. -I always think like when you see a woman who looks really sexy, sounds like a dramatic eye and like shiny lips or something. -Uh-hmm. And for the mom who doesn't even know where to start to just even update her look, what would you recommend? -Start to play with make up and find the things that make you feel good. So, if it needs to be that you start with brown, start with brown. But just do a little more than you would usually do and try to do that each day for a little while. Getting out of your comfort zone and then you get compliments out of nowhere because people aren't use to using a certain way and then more people say like, oh, you look so good. Then you start to have confidence in that. -This is Lindsay Jackson from Olivia Belle and she's gonna put us in some dresses today. -It's all about the dresses for fall. -Okay. -Soccer moms wear jeans all day long. -And skirt. -You guys are-- we're doing you up. -All right. -Uh-huh. -There you go. -Sexy, sexy. -Soccer mom to a sexy mom. -That's right. Okay. So, what we learn today is, don't be afraid to wear your hair off 'cause that's sexy. -Uh-hmm. -The neck, it brings your face out. -Right, right. What about make up? -Don't be afraid of color, -Right. -and outlining your eyes. -Dark the eyes up for the sexy night time and it's all about the dress. It's all about the dress for fall. -Get those jeans, put them away. -Get a dress. -There you go. -And work it. -Have fun and feel sexy, right?