Waxing 101

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-Hey, It Moms. Seems like every time they turn around, there's a new remedy for unwanted hair. The razor, waxing, just seems like a hairy situation, doesn't it? -Yeah, it's pretty hairy. It's pretty gross. We want one to take care of it. So, we're taking a waxing workshop and we're gonna play notes, everything you wanted to know about waxing, including the Brazilian. -Uh-huh. -You know you're curious. -Hi, guys. Welcome to Waxing 101. Waxing is better than shaving because, when you shave, you're just getting that really quick want cut right at the surface of your skin. It's almost like it just goes- to your skin and that's where it feels like the itching that you just constantly feel uncomfortable. If you're waxing, you're actually pulling it out of the root which is a lot deeper. So, it takes a long time to get up to the surface. The hair comes out as a new hair, the baby hair. So, it just kind of pushes its way up and it's very soft and fine. -We're gonna do a little waxing demo on Christina. Just spread it on just like that. Your hair came out beautifully. -Yeah, it is so small- -You wanna see it? Here. Check it out. -I think it's hard enough to go in and get waxed by someone you don't really know at all. We'll start out by just kind of making them comfortable in a sense. We also offer wine, mimosas, even just a glass of water or tea some kind of helps. -I get my brow up here. -Beauty is pain. -Beauty is pain. So are those hot, smoking shoes I just bought. -Just [unk] lines. -Awesome. Does it hurt at all? -Can I see? -How much wine did you have for today? -Before and after. -We can wax your toes. We can wax bikini, legs, arms, anything that you want waxed, anything that has hair, we can wax it. -It needs to be a quarter of an inch. If you've got it too long, that's not a good thing. Too short, that's not a good thing either. -Standard, regular bikini is everything outside your bikini line. A French bikini is a little bit further in. We can make a triangle. We can make a heart shape. -Well, I tried that. -Just a question. -I don't know how to do that. -It is a shape. I can make a square probably. -You're not an artist downstairs. -The Brazilian is one of the most popular things that we have. It goes all the way from the top all the way around to the back side. -What is the appeal on the Brazilian wax? I mean, why do people want to do it? -People that have had it all gone and like it all gone, there's a reason for that because it's very smooth. You don't even have to worry about it. Just- it's personal hygiene. -So, right after you get it done, is there a level of sensitivity? If so, how long does it last? -It is. It feels somewhat bruised. -Okay. I'm gonna ask you first. So, does it- turn off the camera. -Oh, look at this girl. She's the camera lady. -Does it help it that- [unk]? -It's a win-win for everybody. -So, the only downfall of waxing is you do have to let it grow to that quarter of an inch length. So, you can hide in the cave or under a rock until that happens. -Well, there you have it, It Moms. Waxing. Leaves your skin soft and smooth for about 3-day week. It's inexpensive and you can start out cutting down a couple of trees or you could clear cut the whole course. Try a new look this summer. Bye, It Moms. -Bye, It Moms.