Dance Party

Potty Dance Party

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-Hi, everybody. We're saying goodbye to diapers and hello to potty training today. It's a huge step for your toddler and a really big step for you too. But, it isn't always easy so our friends here at Huggies are helping us out today and they're gonna teach us how to do the potty dance. So, let's go learn how. -Yeah. I'm gonna teach you a little dance. It's called the potty dance. -Learning how to use the potty is a rite of passage for toddlers but it often turns into a huge power struggle. Huggies knows what a challenge it can be for moms and dads so they throw in a big dance party to get toddlers and parents excited. -[unk] these diapers anymore. You're growing up [unk]. -Then they asked a celebrity mom to help out to encourage parents to embrace potty training and who better than a mom who's going through it herself-- actress, author and mother of two, Tori Spelling. -I'm just like everyone else, dealing with poop constantly. -Tori was all geared up to teach the potty dance when she arrived at the New York City event with Liam, who's almost two now, and seven-month-old, Stella. -Put your knees together and then you cross your legs. Then you shake it around, you shake around. Now, you're doing the potty dance. -So Liam wasn't exactly ready to break loose with the potty dance but Tori says he is ready to use the potty. -It was scarier for me than him, I think. It was kind of that expectation of, "Gosh. It's the next big milestone in his life." First was walking and now it's potty training. He gets really excited to go to the bathroom now and we do the potty dance afterwards. -Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott, are hands-on parents but like any other mom, she admits it's tough balancing her acting career and her babies. -My hardest thing is when I have to work and leave them. That's the hardest for me. I'm doing 90210 now and, you know, I got a little spoiled like being on my own reality show 'cause I got to work with my family. I never had to leave my kids. And now, I have to go to set, 17 hours. They come and visit but it's hard and I miss them terribly. -Everybody do the potty dance. All right. We're going to double it up. So we [unk]. Look out. One, two, three, four. -So Tori's really enjoying having both of her little ones by her side today and the moms are having a good time with their toddlers too, taking a little break from what can sometimes be a pretty frustrating experience. -She has her good weeks where she like-- tells me she needs to go. And then she has her bad weeks where she just doesn't care. -She did really well for like a few weeks and then totally regressed. -So hard, isn't it? -It is. It's very difficult. -That's why I came. I was looking for some help and some relief. -And they're getting it in the form of advice and counseling from potty training experts like Jen Singer, while the kids enjoy games, face painting and dancing. -Put your left hand now. Put your right on top. Let them drop and do the hula hoop. Put your knees together. Then you cross your legs, and then you shake it around, you shake it around, you shake it around. You do the potty dance. Put your knees together. -Kids seemed to like the potty dance so much that Huggies put this video online so they can watch at home for a little extra encouragement to head for the potty. Okay. So I've watched the video and Tori and all the kids do the potty dance but I could still use a little help with the moves so that I can show my three-year-old son, Dylan, how it goes. And if anybody can teach me, Jen Singer can 'cause she wrote this great book, Stop Second Guessing Yourself: The Toddler Years. She's gonna show me how to do the dance. Fill me in. -All right [unk]-- -I need to know this so I can teach my son. -Wait, you gotta know how to do the potty dance. I'm surprised you don't do it already. -Show me. -All right. You go-- Yeah. One hand out. -All right. -The other hand now. -Uh huh. -Bring it down. -Okay. -And do the hula hoop. -Yeah. -So now, I know how to do it and Tori has a little advice for me and all parents out there who feel like their kids are never gonna get out of diapers and into pull ups. -I would tell them to just breathe. Relax. I feel like, if you stressed about it, your child is gonna stress about it and then they're not gonna get potty trained. And make it a fun experience. -So hopefully, this has inspired you and your toddler to start potty training, but if you need a little more motivation, you can always do the potty dance. Ready? And the hula.