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-If you're a new parent and you're looking for ways to help your baby relax, swaddling could be the answer to comforting your newborn. I'm Juli Auclair with Parents TV and we spoke to Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, author of "Good Kids, Bad Habits: The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children," about why you should swaddle and to postpartum doula, Barbara Ryan, who shows us how to swaddle. Take a look. -Swaddling is really just snuggly wrapping your baby in a blanket so they feel cozy and warm. It's similar to the experience they feel when they're inside the womb. In the newborn nursery, you see the nurses usually swaddle the babies and it keeps them comfortable and warm as well. Well, babies like it warm because it keeps them warm, but also, what it does, it actually prevents them from having their startle reflex that wakes them up and makes them uncomfortable. And these babies that are swaddled and they actually sleep better on their back and sleep longer and this actually could help protect against SIDS as well. To swaddle your baby, you need a receiving size blanket-- that's the ones that you get in the hospital when you leave the hospital-- a cotton blanket, and some practice is really the most important thing that you need. But you could also buy what is called swaddle blanket that has Velcro on them that make it even easier to swaddle your baby. -Hi, I'm Barbara Ryan, certified postpartum doula, and I'm gonna show you the correct way to swaddle your baby. Make sure you put your baby in a safe place. When you're in the hospital, your baby will come to you swaddled. And I'm gonna show you how to do that. You take your receiving blanket and fold one of the corners down. Make sure there are no lumps or creases in the blanket. You take your baby and you put her in the middle of the blanket. Make sure that the shoulders are at the top of the blanket 'cause if they're-- if it's up higher towards the baby's ears, you will cover the baby's mouth. You take one side of the blanket and you hold the baby's arm down and you pull it over and you wrap it around the baby, leaving the other arm out. Now, you wanna make sure that this is done really nice and tight. And you take the bottom part of the blanket where the feet are and you pull it up to where it will go. All blankets are different. Some will go higher and you'll have to go around the shoulder and some will come right to the chest area like this one. And you wrap it around your baby. Again, still holding that first arm that you wrapped. And you take your last side and you're going to flip and hold the other arm down and you wrap. And make sure all your seams are in and wrap it around the baby. And make it really, really tight. Pull, pull, pull to make sure that there's no slack. Make sure you get all your ends in, baby's arms are down, and here is your swaddled baby. Now, I'm gonna show you different blankets that are on the market for swaddling. These blankets are made specifically to swaddle your baby. They have cuts in them so there's less material to work with and have Velcro so you know exactly where to swaddle your baby. Leave the blanket flat. The little pocket goes-- is where the feet go. So, you put that towards the bottom, the baby in the middle of the blanket and [unk]. You can hold one arm down and you wrap the baby-- wrap it around the baby, making sure there are no creases and the arm is down, tight. Take the second arm while holding the first arm and wrap the material around the baby or attach it to the other side where the Velcro is, making sure the material is out of the baby's face, everything is tucked in right. And here's your baby all swaddled. -When you swaddle your baby, you do wanna make sure that it's not too tight, that the baby is still comfortable, and you wanna make sure not to overheat the baby. So, if you do swaddle the baby, make sure that the baby is just wearing a onesie or cotton pajamas, nothing too heavy. -Usually, a baby will let you know when they wanna be stopped swaddling and it's usually about two months or so. They then like to be more free and move their arms and legs about, and if you do actually restrict them that actually might hinder and sleepy and make it more difficult, so about two months. -So swaddling is a great way to help your newborn relax and feel calm. Try it the next time you wanna comfort your baby. Thanks for watching Parents TV. We'll see you next time.