Baby Costumes

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-Hi, everyone. Welcome to the It Moms Channel on Parents TV. I'm your host, Rene Syler. Today, I've got all the goods of how all you good enough mothers out there could get through Halloween. We're talking costumes, candy and all the stuff that goes with it. First, we have Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine. Here to show us some fun costumes for your little one. Hi, Jessica. -Hi. -How're you doing? -Good. And I know all the costumes you can buy because I'm not a crafty person. -I know crafty people. -Yeah, just fine. -I like that idea, too. I love that. -This is $10 at Babies "R" Us and it's basically a newborn gown, but makes your baby a little ghosty. I love it. -Oh, it's cute. -And I kind of love these things that have second lives. So, this whole message from I "Heart" Collection at JCPenney where you can have a little strawberry for Halloween and then it's pajamas underneath, you know- -Uh-huh. -That you can use the rest of the winter. So, for $30, you're really gonna- -Cute. -And they could go right to bed. -After trick or treating, they go right to bed. -Exactly. And if you're looking to save money, there's also all kinds of costumes at BJ's for like $13. -Yeah, and it's also- and it's clearance- like a sam beret, yeah. -BJ's- yeah. -Warehouse. -They buy in bulk and so, you get some serious bargain. -Okay. -And then, there's sort of stuffed animal technology and a lot of- oh, my god. Susie's here. So, this is from Disney Store, Donald. Here he is. -Uh-huh. -And look at the head. It's like- -Oh. -It's like it's [unk]. -I love it. -All right. -And it makes a little Donald. -I like this one because it's reversible. -So, again, if you have a, you know, to get more wear out of it, you can be Dorothy and you can be the good witch, if you switch it to the other side. -Oh, great. -It's also good if you have a daughter who changes her mind all the time- -Okay. And this last one? -[unk] kids. If you can spend, you know, more like $60. -That's phenomenal. -[unk] banana. They have a robot, a hedgehog, a sandwich, a hotdog. Wow! -[unk] -Let's spend some bucks there. All right. -Yeah. -So, just know that. -All right. That's good. We have the range here. We have a little fashion show though, too. -Yeah, I have my kids here. -And with a couple of kids that you know very well. Shall we bring out Alice in Wonderland first? -Sure. -All right. Hi. -This is my daughter, Grace. This is a Disney Store outfit, too. You know, Disney Store has all the princesses and you'll spend maybe $40 for the dress and then, it starts to add up when you add all the accessories for the accessories [unk]. -The dress and the accessories come separately? -Exactly. -Oh, there you go. -So, $40, you get the dress. If you want a spring for the headband, the shoes, you'll pay a little extra. -Excellent. Okay. -Super cute though, right? -I think we have a fire chief. Come on out, fire fighter. Let me see you. -He's wearing an outfit from F.A. [unk]. -Oh. -They have some really, you know, premium stuff in all price ranges from different companies. Come on over here, baby boy. -Right. -This one does come with the hat. -And again, this is from moms who don't see themselves as particularly crafty. You don't have time. -Oh, right. I'll run out to buy all the different pieces to make something, you know. -And last, but not the least, you know, because you can't leave out the little ones. -No. -So, what's something with George here? -She's a little angel. -Look at this. This is from- it's sold at F.A.L., but it's Tutu Couture is the name of the company. They make these phenomenal tutus for little girls. You could turn them into angels or ladybugs or bees. -I'm not so surprised that she's as comfortable as she is. -She's fine there, right? -Because it looks like- you would think that that tulle might be a little uncomfortable. This is very soft. -Yeah, yeah. -See the feathers, it's great. -You know, she was meant to be a deary. -Yeah, see with the shoes [unk]. So, all right. So, there you go. And all the price ranges. -Yeah, just a little tiny bit of shopping where you can maybe come up with some great ideas and some good bargains, huh. -Exactly. -Right. -And I say, you know, buy early so they don't sell out because they don't usually overstock Halloween costumes. -Yeah. -All right, Jessica. Thanks so much. And Joe, thank you. And Grace, you look great. Thank you, guys, so much.