Mom Hair

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-Hey, It Moms. Ever wake up and run around like crazy to get everybody out the door and discover you only have about 5 minutes for yourself? -Everyday. -Yeah. Girl, like you can [unk] hair in a ponytail, grab some sweats and go. -So, Holly and I today came to the experts. They're gonna give us 3 styles that we can do in 5 minutes or less. We can actually leave the house looking like we have it together. This is Nicole Tori. She is an It Mom-to-be and she's gonna tell us how to not look rattled in the morning. -Okay. This is what you're dealing with. -Okay, Holly. I think that you should have one of these at home. It's not only a flat iron, but you can also curl with it. You can de-frizz with it. -Your hair has to be 100 percent dry. -The key is to really twist the iron all the way around. Twist it like this and just follow the hair all the way through. That way, you don't get fish hooks at the ends. So, there we go. This is the quick, 5-minute. -Just 5 minutes. -Hair spray? -You could look like this. -Okay. This I'm really excited about because she was curling all this hair and her hair's all long. So, we're gonna try it with the shorter do. -Okay. Well, shorter hair, same concept. You just don't want it- start curling up here. We're just gonna curl the ends a little bit. We're gonna go more to the side like this instead of taking it under. So, she's gonna get more of a spiral curl. -The key to shorter hair when you curl it is you don't wanna really curl it too much because you don't wanna end up with a little- -Right. -Just curl the ends a little bit. Do some under out so you have more variation in curls and you're good to go. -Okay. I'm a little nervous because this is my big problem. I get my hair done at the stylist and then I never can do it when I get home. So, they're testing me. Here we go. -Turn, fall slow. -Slow. -That's it. And then- -And then, [unk]. -Do the curls. -There you go. -Hello, Stepford Wives. -Okay. Well, let's show you how to do a cool ponytail now. A lot of moms have a lot of issues with their little front baby hairs right here. -Oh, yeah. -A quick way to get rid of all this is by parting your hair to where you want it to part and grab in the blow dryer and just using your fingers and point the blow dryer down and just use your fingers down like this. -What this is doing is bending the hair so you could be- go either way and it's not gonna just fix straight up. -Yeah. So, messy is in, mom. -Nice. See? We have it on our side. -Don't really touch this after you hairspray it. You don't really wanna fuzz with this right here so much. -Okay. -You're gonna concentrate on more. -What's cool right now? I remember ponytails in the '80s are like right here on the side. -Not so hot. So, you can get like a rat-tail comb like this. -Okay. -And you just put it underneath and you're gonna lift up to make it a little tighter. Just use the sides right here and that's gonna poof it up also. -Okay. So, height is the theme of today. Everybody wants height towards the back of their head. -Hairspray is your friend especially for fine hair. -Okay. -And there we go. -You think? -All right. So, what do you think? What do you think? Am I gonna embarrass my daughter when I pick her up from preschool today? -Okay, It Moms. So, thanks to Nicole. We actually have a few ways we can do our hair in the morning. So, we can leave with confidence. -It only takes a few minutes and a little bit of effort to make the morning mess work for you all day long. -Messy's in. -Bye, It Moms. -Bye, It Moms. -You look really cute. Let's go get- -I want. -Thank you. For watching Parents TV, our families, our lives.