Back To Work

Going Back To Work

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-Hey, It Moms. Do you work in an office or have you ever worked in an office? Well, for Holly and I, it's been some time and we were curious. -Some of you might be heading back to the work place after years and that can be really intimidating. So, hopefully, today, we'll unveil some tips to help you survive in the office. There's a tendency to try and impress people when you go to work and you can be somebody that you're not. -So, I wanna take your personality afloat. Just be yourself. -The office is fun. -How's it going, Julie? -Let's see where I'll be putting you. I'll have that report for you stat. -Did you get my email? Hey, Danny. -Hey. -Got email. -What are you guys again? -Nothing. [unk] -No, nothing for you today. -Okay. Well, we'll be here all day. So, you know, flowers come at the front desk, right up here. -Oh, and apparently, It Moms, and pull your frown on taking your personal business during company time. -So, how much did she throw up? Is it like a spoonful or an ounce? -I'm gonna wear the blue dress, I think, because it really makes my eyes pop, you know. -Right. -And I want [unk]- oh, I gotta go black. -But if you absolutely need to, make sure it's something important and keep it brief. -Now, the plus of going back to the office is you could have a coffee you could drink, probably fuzzing around all day. And, you know, it's really the camaraderie, the true spirit of the office that makes it all worth it. -Hey. -Hey. -How's it going? Hi. How's it going? -I had no idea that we have that, but I think it's probably for security. -Right. -How are you? It's like really how are you? -I'm feeling good. -You're feeling good? 8 -Yeah. What are we doing here? -Camaraderie. -Work, some work. -Yeah. -Work together. -Camaraderie? -Yeah. -I want [unk]. -Oh, supply room. -Oh, highlighters. -Oh, green lighters, pink, blue. My kids are running out of school supplies. So, this is perfect. -Oh, these are some good pencils. -Get me one of those. -So, I'm pretty sure how it's been chewing my peanut M&Ms. I mean, I'm a nursing mom. I need protein and sugar. -Okay, It Moms. So, hopefully, we've imparted some wisdom or, at least, we've made you laugh about having to face the office wherever your office may be. -Just remember that [unk], you're always in play of the [unk]. -Right. I'm hungry. -Let's go eat. -Oh, it's time for lunch. -Bye, It Moms. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.