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Children In Iraq

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-You're watching Parents TV, our families, our lives. -Hi, It Moms. When you think of Camp Fire USA, what do you think of? -Camping, maybe a little candy. Well, Holly and I wanna show you how this natural organization offers a lot more than that. -Okay. They've grown up a lot since 1913, and they offer tons of programs to make the kids of today into the leaders of tomorrow. Come on, we'll show you what we mean. -We're catching up with some kids from a local elementary who were involved in Operation Iraqi Children. This is a program that helps American children get involved with the children of Iraq by sending them school supplies. -We've decided that we want to help the children in Iraq get some school supplies, right? -Yeah. -Okay. So, what are some of the things we can do to help? -Pile posters and signs for people to help us get supplies. -Now, raise your hand if you can tell me why we are asking them to bring colored pencils but not crayons. -It's kind of hot in the desert. -It's hot over the desert. -Hot and they could melt. -[unk] -Teacher's pet. -Nice job and give yourselves a hand. -I'm gonna talk to Gel who is the area director for Camp Fire USA. So why is this such a great project for the kids to get involved in? -Well, Camp Fire likes to do service learning projects in all the schools that we serve, and part of service learning for us is really giving the kids an authentic experience in leadership. -What excites you about doing Operation Iraqi Children? -I have seen a lot of pictures of children that don't have a lot of school supplies and they're kind of poor. So I wanted to get some stuff out to them so that they have good lives just like us. -Good job, Katelyn's parents. -This is such a cool thing to get involved in. When I was in school, I was just worried about where I was gonna get enough money to buy my next team dates with Scott Baio on the cover. Do you know who Scott Baio is? -I don't know. -No? -By giving him the school supplies, I can give him a chance to learn just the same as anyone else in this school could. -That's awesome. Sounds really, really good answer. Are you gonna be president someday? -He loves that. -I don't know. -Dana for president. -It feels really good to get involved. -Totally. Community involvement is important. -Camp Fire's approach to youth development is a proactive approach rather than trying to manage our kids once they're in crisis, we empower young people to be successful at home, at school, and in our community. -Okay It Moms, our children truly are tomorrow's leaders and Camp Fire USA helps empower them and develop them into those leaders. And the best part is no matter where you are in the nation, there's a Camp Fire USA, local chapter, [unk]. So look them up and support your kids while they involved. -Yeah. -Bye It Moms. -Bye It Moms. -Thanks for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives, your new video source for parenting.