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Keep The Babysitter Happy

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-Welcome to Parents TV ON DEMAND, a place for parents to learn, share and develop a healthy family together. Parents TV, our families, our lives. -Hey, It Moms. When you find a really good babysitter, you'll do everything you can to keep her. And with New Year's Eve around the corner, you wanna make sure that she's gonna be there for you. So, Holly and I have 5 ways that suggest you keeping your babysitter happy to assure that she'll have your back when you need her. -Hi. -Hi. -One of the greatest ways to offer suggestions is to go to the source of the suggestion, my babysitter, Hanna. Hi, Hanna. -Hi, girl. -We thought we'd get to the head of the babysitter, the heart of the babysitter and really find out what her hopes and her dreams are and- right. This is really how we can bribe her to be around on your side. -Pretty much to stop bribery. -Yeah. -Hey, honey. You want a donut? -Thank you. -Uh-huh. What is something that would make you wanna come back to a family again after babysitting? -I think, definitely, one of the biggest aspects is be very clear of your guys' expectations. That way, we can definitely work together as a team and lay down the law for the little ones. -I did that, right? -Yeah. -You're happy with me, right? -Of course. -Actually, Hanna, I'm really good at that. As you said, expectations are clear. -No, she's- -No. -Not. -Your hair's so pretty, Hannah. -Do you want a hand massage? -Thank you. -What's the other thing that we can do to keep people like you happy? -I think, Marnie, one thing I really appreciate is that you're always on time. If you say you're gonna be home at a certain time, you know, you're always there. That lets me know that you value my time and also, it's made me able to make other plans outside. So, if you're little unsure of when you're gonna be home, at least give me a time frame. -Marnie Ranson- -Okay. -On time? -Did you see the shock at my face? -I'm actually always early. -Uh-huh. -About 15 minutes early, but you'll still get paid for that 15 minutes. -So, what's the best way we can help you and our little angels aren't really staying angels at all? -[unk], Hanna. -I think, definitely, just back me up. Let me know that I have your support. In that way, the kids can see that I'm an authority while you're here as well as when you guys are gone. -Oh, that's smart. Smart. -And I just think that you're such a great gal. -Hanna would never say this, but make sure that you pay your babysitters well and set the expectation before they even get to your house. -And don't be cheap. After all, they're looking after your most priced possession. Okay, It Moms, when you find that good babysitter, remember, they're a blessing. So, take good care of them. -Uh-huh. -Some of these suggestions will help you keep a really good babysitter or steal a really good babysitter. -Stop it! -Bye, It Moms! -Bye, It Moms! -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.