Mom's Making Friends

It Mom's Making Friends

Did you know that social skills, like making friends, will make your child a better student? Holly and Marni, aka "The It Moms", explain how setting a good example for your kids will get them started on a lifetime of social graces. You're welcome.

Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

-Hi, It Moms. Did you know that just by making friends, our kids can do better in the classroom? By teaching them the skill of being social, they can be a better student. -So leave it to Holly and I to bring to life an article by Parents Magazine on teaching your kids to make friends. -Hi, I'm Holly. -Hi, I'm Marni. -According to parents, having friends for your little munchkins helps them feel more comfortable in new places. -And that enables them to focus on schoolwork rather than who they're gonna play with at recess. -Guys, are you ready to go make some friends? -Yes! -Let's go. -Let's go. -First of all, set a good example. Your little one is watching you interact with other people, whether they look like it or not. -I'm Marni. -Hi, I'm Holly. -Hi, I'm Abby Louise Carr. -Hi, very good to meet you. -Thank you, Holly. -So, how many kids do you have? -Two. -Do you come here a lot? Or-- -No, this is my first time. -Oh, she's from North Carolina. -What part of North Carolina? -She's from North Carolina. -Well, it's Siler City, it's one out from Raleigh. -Listen to her voice. -I lived at the Cary. -Well, I live close to you. -She's stole my friend. -We're like long lost relatives. -She stole my friend. I met her first. -She's an It Mom. She's from Utah, just moved here. See, making friends, we're making friends. -This probably goes without saying, but be where the kids are. All the coaching in the world won't work if your child rarely gets to practice what they've learned. -You go up and say, "Do you wanna play faces with me?" -Maybe? -Oh, and you'll love this one It Moms, provide them with a pick up line. Sometimes your child just needs a little extra help to break the ice. -Do you like Legos? -Yeah. -Encourage your child to explore their interest because friendships often develop around common activities. -What's your name? -Kelly. -What you're making? -Balls. -Awesome. Where do you go to school? I go to Tobias Elementary. -Okay, It Moms, just remember, good friends can do great things for your kids. -So, teach them the skills to build their social network now. -Bye, It Moms. -Bye, It Moms.