Clothing Essentials

Maternity Clothing Essentials

The It Moms, Holly and Marni, shop for maternity clothes that every mom-to-be needs in her closet.

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-You're watching Parents TV, our families, our lives. -Hey, It Moms. Guess what? One of us is pregnant. -No, it's not me. I just had a big breakfast. It's Marnie. But with this great news comes the daunting question- what to wear and what to wear is the frustrating part of any new pregnant [unk]. -Your clothes don't fit quite right, but you don't look pregnant yet. So, today, I plan on doing it right. I've set aside the entire day to shop for basics while sticking to a budget. Let's go get started. -Let's start! -When you shop in boutique stores like Nina Maternity, it's all the more important to have a budget when you walk in the door. That way, you're not tempted by the non-basic maternity items. And remember, shop in spurts because you're gonna grow. -I'm gonna grow. -You like scrubbing that in. -Okay. So, an important tip is don't delay. When your regular clothes start to feel tight, go into maternity shopping. Get some stuff. You'll get the most mileage out of your investment. -If you can't stuff it into your jeans- -Yes. -There's something called a belly band or a tummy tube. You're gonna see them in all different stores, different names, but you can wear your same jeans and keep them open and it sucks the end. -Here's an extra small. -Thank you. Oh, so damn cute! -Notice this can be worn after pregnancy. -Yes. Oh. Try and buy clothes that you can wear after pregnancy, when you're not quite into regular size again. So, this is Heidi and choosing Maternity Special. So, she's gonna hook us up with the 5 basics that every mommy-to-be needs. -Hook me up higher. -Absolutely. -Okay, Heidi. What's number 1? -Jeans are the staple of every girl's outfit. She can wear them around the house. She can wear them out to dinner, everywhere. They're comfy. They're casual. -Okay. Now, what's number 2? -A crisp, white shirt. Very comfy, very basic, but also can be dressed up as well as wearing with the jeans. -Okay. What's next? -The basic black pants. You can go to work and to go out to dinner, just anything where they wanna maybe dress up a little bit more. -Okay. What's next? -A black skirt. Every woman needs a black skirt. Feel pretty whether it be to go to work or just to go out to dinner. And another wardrobe basic is the black dress. -Yes. -Special occasions, just to feel pretty or, you know, [unk]. So, what we've done is we've taken 5 basic items and pretty much gotten her whole wardrobe set for the pregnancy. Now, she can mix and match them with each other. She can add items in later as she progresses and her belly grows. She can do that and, you know, pretty much be set. -Don't drink the water in here. -A great way to find out what you'll look like in 3 or 4 months is I'll give you these belly pillows. You can try the clothes on with them. -My only problem with that is that I also need one for my bum. -Yeah. -One for each arm and what for under here, my chin. -You mention that you grow, you grow. -Once you have your basic wardrobe, then, you can think about adding a few fun pieces to maximize your investment and show your personality. -Yes. And when in doubt, use a little bling. Accessorizing can really distract from other areas. -Congratulations again. -Thank you. Thanks so much. One final tip is to check the store's return policy because every store is different. -And remember, you're beautiful no matter what you put on because you're a mother with child and that is stunning. -Beautiful. Bye, It Moms. -Bye, It Moms. -Thanks for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives, your new video source for parenting.