Baby Toys

Best Baby Toys

Parents TV's Kirs Eisenhauer shows the best toys for babies under one year of age.

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives. -Hi, I'm Kris Eisenhauer and I've been looking for some new toys for my six-month-old Ruby. When I got to the store, this is what I found. How do you choose? Well, if you're lucky, you've got an expert like we do today who's gonna show us how to find the best toys for our babies. We are with Fran today who is a pediatric nurse, an expert in this area. And as a mom, first off, I wanna know how many toys does an infant really need? -You really don't need a lot of toys, Kris. You can build a pile of them as they grow. One of the best things is some sort of a CD player and where they can have lullabies. You can buy them at the stores. -You can get those almost anywhere. -Right. -Some sort of a mirror which is great. Don't use your bathroom mirror. You don't want it breakable. So this is nice and it's softer on the edge too. You can put it in the crib and some sort of a crib toy. This is nice because it's brightly colored and this actually does have music with it, but you don't have to have music at all. -You don't even need anything with that-- -Not at all. -or use anything expensive, fancy. And black and white is good for the infants, the newborns. -Yes. Yes, it is, definitely. -Now, one thing I wonder about, Fran, as a mom is is how much can I trust the age recommendation on the boxes? -Well, you can probably trust it fairly well. Manufacturers really do a lot of research to check that out. And I think it's important to realize that a lot of children don't fit within those ranges and you need to, as a parent, determine if that toy really is appropriate or not. I found some toys for three to six months old. This is very good because it's washable, it makes noises, and the child can grab it on the bottom and it's soft and it doesn't have rough edges. This is called the O'Ball. This is excellent because the child can get their fingers around it. It's again washable. You can just put it in the dishwasher actually and it's soft. -And this is kind of neat. -Yes, that is very unique because, actually, the child can start learning to move things, and again, it's bright colors and it's also very washable because, at this age, everything goes in the mouth. -So, bottom-line for three to six months is bright color and washable, the two most important things and keep it simple. -Yes, definitely. -So, you don't really need to spend a ton of money? -No, you don't. Okay. Now, we're gonna go through the six to 12 months and one of the big things that you can start reading with your child. Nice big colorful pictures are great just-- so that they understand what's kind of going on, you're sitting-- they're sitting on your lap or whatever. -And I would imagine sticking with the board books because they like to put everything in their mouths. -That's right. The next thing would be puzzles. They can start with puzzle. This is excellent because they can actually get their little hands around it and it is very easy, just have them try and place it. And it's wooden so it's gonna be sturdy. And then the last thing would be something that stackable and it's a really good thing for the kids. Children can learn to stack things up and it's eye-hand coordination. -Now, if you don't have time to go to toy store, you might wanna talk to your pediatrician or teacher. More than likely, they're buying their age-appropriate toys through a catalogue like this one, Lakeshore, which also has a website that is available to anyone. I'm Kris Eisenhauer. -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives. Your new video source for parenting.