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Baby Gift Concierge

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-Welcome to one of Manhattan's chicest new baby boutiques. The name is Bundle but that's not what you'll spend inside. Former Wall Streeter Alison MacCullough got the idea for Bundle when her friends began having babies and she began shopping for baby gifts. -I was so excited for them, I wanted to get them a great gift and I found that there really wasn't a great selection. -This inspired Alison to open a boutique of her own, offering beautiful baby merchandise at reasonable prices. I have personally picked out everything that's in this store, so I understand its background and what, you know, the pros of the products are. So like, communicate that to people and let them know why, you know, a parent might love something in particular. -She makes sure every piece is cute, comfortable and moderately priced. -When I'm evaluating a new vendor, I always ask who else has it because I wanna be able to always offer something that's different, that's new and that's interesting. -But if you can't make the trip to Manhattan or don't have time to shop for baby gift, Bundle can help you pick out and send the perfect baby gift right from your computer. All with Bundle's baby gift concierge service, which takes the stress out of gift giving. -I want people who, you know, don't have time or don't have expertise to be a able to get a beautiful gift and so I just think I can make it that much easier for people and that's what separates me from the big stores and even from a lot of the other boutiques. -To get started, shoppers fill out a form on the boutiques website which goes straight to the store. -In order to help somebody pick out a gift, I just basically need to know how old the child is, you know, when it was born and where it lives and what their budget is. -From there, Alison or her associate begins selecting the perfect present. -I got one last night for a baby boy that was born in July in Dallas and the budget is $100. I do actually go shopping for the client when there's a minute or two in the store where things are quiet. So, in this case, the concierge order is for a baby boy, so I'm, you know, I'll go over to the baby boy section and kind of think about what a great gift is in a $100 range. And $100 is a great price point for us. We can do something, you know, less and for the $100 price point it's exciting 'cause we can do a combination of you know, an outfit and a blanket or an outfit and a toy, this little romper by tee. It has you know, the slash at the bottom so it's easy to change the baby and add on maybe this cage warm blanket. Again that's a double layer cotton, that's so soft. Something like this, this is actually-- this is a 3 to 6-month and I just see it's noticeably bigger than that and that's because it's organic cotton an organic cotton will shrink 7% to 10%, $42. So, with the client's $100 price point, we definitely have room to do a couple little add-ons. See, I love this little monkey and he is $25, so we could do that together and even add on like a little noise maker. Generally, three is my magic number. When a client e-mailed me about concierge, I like to send them 3 different options and might give them another option that doesn't involve clothing. Sometimes, people don't wanna give clothing, which is totally fine. This is a super, super, super soft blanket by Ambajam. I think with this bright orange that wanna do another kind of a muted color, I might suggest this little bunny. I outlined what the three options are and what the total cost of each option would be and I also tell them the cost per item. And I send them either JPEG of the different choices or links to the products online, then I just call them and get the credit card information and the shipping address if they haven't already given it to me and the same day I gift wrap it for them and send it out with whatever note they've indicated they want on the card. Then they get all the credit for us picking a wonderful gift. -To access Bundle's concierge service, just visit the boutique's website at