Sandra Boynton

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-Bath time can be a struggle when your toddler just doesn't wanna sit in the tub but Sandra Boynton has come to the rescue with her new book, Bath Time, and we'll have to beg our kids to get out of the tub. Sandra, we are so glad to have you here today. -Thank you. -You have written so many fantastic word books; my two and five year olds absolutely love them. What made you decide it was time for a bath book? -Well, when you take these books into the tub, they're kind of disintegrating so I thought it was time for that. -It's true. We've tried it. -I know. So, it was time for something that was gonna hold up in the water. -Why with your famous pig, who you have here, why did he-- -[unk]. -Yes. Why did you decided to do it about your pig? -Something about the pinkness of the pig suggests probability; I think is the profound reason for that. -Very good point. Now, you illustrate all of your books. How do you come up-- I love the pigs and the hippos and the rhinos whom we have some of your great characters here in the set, and the dogs. How do you come up with them? How long does it take you to actually sit down and draw these? -Well, these are really people that I know most of the characters that I do although people that I'm doing don't know that, that's who I am doing but I've been doing this characters since I was a tiny child so they just-- I tend to see people as animals when I'm-- I'm afraid I just admitted something. -On our show, one better TV. I think you should tell us who actually the pig is in real life. -I can't say that but you're a bunny. -I am. -You're very much a bunny. -You think? -Yes. Okay. I like that, that's a compliment. We would love it if you [unk] just a little, maybe your favorite part of this story. I know it's short but just a little of it for us. -Well, it's four whole pages long. -Okay. -So, I'm just gonna do half because I'm gonna start in the middle. -Okay. -Okay. So, in the middle, it's gently scrub from top to toes, now I kiss you on the nose. All clean-- you get to do the squeak here. -Oh that's fantastic. -Well done. -What's coming up next for you? You have two books that have come out; Bath Time and Lulu. What's next? -I think the laundry, I'm thinking of doing My Laundry. -Can you come over and do mine? -Why don't we both do it together? -I think we could do that. We'll have help from all of your friends. -That sounds great. -The book is Bath Time. Sandra Boynton thank you so much for coming in. I can't wait for my kids to bring this into the tub. -Thank you so much. I had a great time. -Don't go away. Another Parents TV On Demand Video is coming up next. -[unk] certainly is help kids learn to read with her fabulous board book and now Sandra Boynton is again encouraging them to listen to music with her new book and CD, Blue Moo. We are so lucky to have Sandra and some of her fabulous animal friends and your books and your great desk planners and everything for moms here in our studio today. Thank you for coming in. -Thank you for having me here. -First, tell us about Blue Moo. How you came up with the title? I know it goes along with this fantastic cow you have. -Well, it does. The title is meant to suggest Blue Moon which is a famous doo-wop song, originally from the '30s for the famous doo-wop song by The Marcels from 1961 and all of these music is [unk] music so hence the title. -And you have some fabulous supporting artists who you signed on to do this. How did you do this? -[unk] honest with you, it was an amazing thing, we were writing-- I have a songwriting partner, Mike Ford, and we were writing this jukebox era songs and we're working on a Neil Sedaka song and suddenly I said I'm going to see if I can get Neil Sedaka to sing it. Why not? And he said yes. His grandchild and he was excited to be asked and from that point everyone signed a song; we have Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, we have BB King, we have Bobby Vee, we have Sha Na Na. It's just-- it's a dream team, it's a '50s dream team. -That's fantastic and speaking of BB King. Tell me about that song, you said that it's one of your favorites. -The song is called One Shoe Blues and everyone knows BB King is a wonderful singer, wonderful guitar player, what I didn't know is what a great actor he is to the song is sung from the point of view of a 7 or 8 year old child who has lost a shoe, and his mother is trying to get him to find the shoe and get going, and BB King did a phenomenal job and as an 82-year old man channeling the 8-year old boy. -That's fantastic. -That's amazing. -And now this is your fourth CD book combination. Three have gone gold, Philadelphia Chickens which is right over here nominated for a Grammy. Congratulations. -Well thank you. -And how is this one different? -I guess this one is different because of the Earth music. I tend to choose a particular era of music for each one and the last one was later rock n' roll and the one before that, Philadelphia Chickens, was a Broadway one and this one is very much the music of my childhood so this is the one of my heart, this is the one that really is the music I grew up with and then it turns out the singers I grew up with so it's just been a dream project. -And you say you have a favorite in here, not because of the recording artist because you love them all, let me point that out, but this is something about your daughter? -My daughter, Darcy, is part of a girl group called The Sparklets. She's 17, her two friends are 17, they are The Sparklets, and they did the-- there's an updated version of the title song, Blue Moo '62, the title song is a sort of mesmerizing slow song. Blue Moo '62 is very upbeat girl group song and Darcy is the lead singer on it. -You-- do all of these illustrations is fabulous and [unk] with a great expressions. How do you come up with them? -Oh, I've been drawing these since I was a young child. I think the first drawings of mine that my mother has found were when I was three years old. So, I've been drawing these characters since I was little. -Sandra Boynton, the book is Blue Moo. Thank you so much for coming in today, we really appreciate having you and stick around because coming up we'll get a sneak peek at Sandra's other new book that's coming up soon, Bath Time, you don't want to miss it. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.