Broadway Moms

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-Chocolate is eight wonder, warm chocolate the ninth. Just seconds in the microwave and indulgence is served. Betty Crocker Warm Delights. You're just three minutes from heaven. -Every working mom knows the dilemma of finding enough time to balance work and family life. And for jobs happen to be in theatre, you have the added stress of performing six nights a week before a live audience. For we found out what it takes to joggle it all during our visit with working mom, Emily Hsu. She performs in "Spamela" on Broadway. We'll visit her at home and backstage as she gets ready for performance of the hit show. -By day, Emily Hsu is every bit a mother building block towers. -And how in Spanish? -Uno. -Uno. -Making snacks. -You want a big apple, like this? -And reading books. -The fish, humble fish. -Emily and her 22-month old daughter, Cassidy, spent every second together. -She's doing a hand stand. -But, by night. Emily Hsu, the actress is performing before a live audience in the hit show "Spamela" on Broadway. -It's so gratifying because you just feel this energy, and you know, sometimes there are nights I get there and I'm like so tired or having got enough sleep and I have to remember like these people, they've never seen the show. They paid, you know, over $100. This is like their special evening. I always wanted to do musical [unk] little girl with my sister. We took little shows in the backyard and particularly there are song to grease in the basement, and I always love to sing and dance, and act beyond stage. -And she's made a career of it. This isn't the first time Emily has been on Broadway. She has performed in many shows, including Cats, Boy from Oz, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Annie Get Your Gun, and Flower Drum Song. -What does mommy do at the show? -Dance. -Dance. Very good. -Emily's career had taken off, but soon she needs to take time off. She and her husband, Eric, discovered they were having a baby. And in 2006, along came Cassidy Lynn. -I never knew like how much love I could have in my heart, you know, when they say like, you love someone so much it hurts, like that, because I love her so much. -Emily spent one year at home, six months during her pregnancy, and another six after Cassidy was born. -Being a mom is definitely just the hardest thing I've ever done because you just don't really have a moment to yourself. -So, when you're a mom you sort of joggling family and career, and your baby, and yourself. But, do you ever feel like the only way you can drop is you-- -Sometimes, yes. I sometimes I do. I do drop myself. I called a friend the other day and said, I can't do it all anymore and she said, you know what, you have to do something for yourself. -That's when Emily made the difficult decision to go back to work. The theatre was calling. -I missed my friends and I remembered calling a friend, I said I feel like I've lost Emily. I lost who I was, because all I am is a mom right now. So, for me I needed to go back and just have something for me and I do believe that that makes me a better mother. -But going back wasn't easy, even though her mother-in-law helped out with Cassidy in the afternoons and her husband was with her every night. -And I would always text them at the show, did she drink two ounces, three ounces, how many ounces did she have. The first time they drove in to the show I remembered, I just cried the hallway in and I called somebody who'd been to the same thing and said, I can't do it, I can't do it, she said, yes you can, it's going to get easier day by day. -Now Emily has the best of both worlds back on stage, but still spending everyday with Cassidy. -It's kind of [unk]. It's great because I get to spend all day with her and then, you know, I'm gone at night but she does go to sleep. But at the same time my sister said to me because sometimes I get so overwhelmed, she's like well you're full time stay-at-home mom and you're full time working mom. It is good, but then sometimes I feel like I don't ever have a day off. -Now we're backstage at "Spamela" very exciting and we will see Emily in the dressing room. Emily. -Hi. Welcome to the dressing room. -What's it like performing for a live audience every night, six nights a week? -It's really exciting. Sometimes I forget because I do it every night, but when I think about it and like I'm performing on Broadway.-- -It's huge. -You know, New York City is like everyone's dream that's so hard to do. It's really exciting and with the live orchestra, and like the best of the best of everyone. So, it's fun. It's fun to just get on stage and be somebody totally different for two hours. -After spending a total of five minutes putting on her makeup. -You just learn to just whip it on its like muscle memory, just kind of whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa and go. -Emily takes me on a backstage tour before the rest of the cast arrives to get ready for the show. What's it normally like in here? -[unk]. There's nine girls in here. -Okay. -So, you know, the space is tight and we wear all our costumes and all our shoes, and our head pieces, our hats, and like this section is my section of staff. -[unk].-- -No. You have a costume in here, maybe my wedding dress, the wedding dress with the lace, and a little basil. -Next we saw the peg, the wig room, and the wardrobe room. So, have you ever taken Cassidy here? -She has been here. -She comes to visit me sometimes after a show and she's been down here [unk]. She's been on stage. She loves to be on stage.-- -Like that just like her mom. -Yes. -One of the things Emily says she like most about returning to work being back with the girls again. -The women in the dressing room they're like my sisters and that's what I really loved about going there right now. It has been like I have a family away from my family and I can kind of just laugh, and I'm not a mom anymore and I could just gossip and be silly. -But at the same time I see Cassidy-- -And where?-- -Yes, she is here. Yes, Cassidy is here because I do miss her especially on the [unk]. -Speaking of the show, it's about to start. -Yes. -So, we're going to let you go, but what do you do? Any superstitions? Anything you do before you go on? -I ate. I ate my dinner. That's my ritual. -Alright, break a leg. -Emily you're such an inspiration. Thank you so much for showing us how a Broadway mom joggles it all and be sure to stay tune to www.parents. TV <http://www.parents. TV> for more Broadway mom's that will have come in your way very soon. Thank you so much for watching Parents TV. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.