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Trio of Dips

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-From the Family Circle Kitchen to your kitchen on Parents TV. -[unk] at most parties with after next get together, why not [unk]of dips that is just out of this world. On Parents TV [unk] here in the Family Circle Test Kitchen with Senior Food Editor, Julie Miltenberger. Thank you for having us come over again. -I'm very excited. The little snacks are my favorite things to eat. -I love little snacks and these were some dips that were featured in the magazine and we're interested how to make them. -Yes. -Easy? -We got a trio of very easy dips. -Okay. What would be starting with today? -We're starting with cheddar onion dip and its warm, which is nice and if you're on a go, either tailgating or even just out back you can make it on the side burner of your grill or even just right on top of the grill grate. -I will stick it right on there. -Exactly, just make sure that the temperature is not too high and whatever dish you're cooking in has an oven proof handle. -That would be very important. -Yes, you don't want necessarily really melts plastic into the grates of the grill. -Yes. Put me to work. -Okay. I would like to start grating this with an onion. You could just use box grate. You could also use two other kinds of flavor. I will use the-- -The big holes? -Yes. -How much are you looking for? -About a cup of the grated stuff. -That's a lot of grating. -Well, you know, but it taste great. All right, Julie, while you grate that I'm going to start with one package of low fat cream cheese. -How did I get the hard job? -Well, you know [unk]. -You're the boss, right? -And then this is two cups or eight ounces of cheddar cheese, and what I did is I like to grate my own instead of using pre-shredded because it definitely melts a lot easier than the shreds-- -Really. -I just learned something a new dip every time we're here in the kitchen. -Great you're on. -Okay. -So, the next I'm going to add a little garlic powder and cayenne pepper. -Okay. -Here its a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper and half a teaspoon of garlic powder, but you could always and put a little bit if want things a little spicy. -Give it a little kick. -Yes. -I like this. -So, we just mix it in together along with the grated onion. -This is a serious workout. -Well, you know, you had to work hard for [unk]. Okay, let's see how you're doing in there. All right, looking good. As I said before, you want about a cup of a grated onion. -Put that in. -Yes. -There's a lot of water with it or moisture, is that okay? -Yes. -Okay. -We're just going to pop that onto the burner. -[unk]. -And this going to melt about five minutes over medium heat on your gas grill or even on the side burner. -Need to keep straight or-- -At least so often you can just kind of melts. -Okay. -But not upon itself. -Yes. So, while that's melting let's start on our next one. -Okay. -Chunky salsa? -Yes. -Okay. -Okay. So, what I found is I jumped ahead and pre-prepped some of the ingredients. -I love it when you do that. -See. -Tell us about the ingredients for this? -Two medium tomatoes that have been seeded and chopped. I've got one can 15 ounces of black beans that I've drained and rinsed. A half of cup of finely diced red onion. A quarter cup of lime juice fresh squeezed just for you. -You're so sweet. -Two table spoons of chopped parsley, three quarter teaspoon of salt, and a quarter teaspoon of black pepper. -Okay. -A half of teaspoon of garlic powder and then we're going to add in three dashes of hot sauce of your choice. So, I'd love it if you could take the kernels off of that corn. -Okay. -And, I'm going to start stewing everything together in the bowl. -Perfect. -All right, you're ready to add the corn? -I'm ready. -Okay. Perfect. Make sure we don't forget about our cheese dip, as well. -Okay. -Give me another little stir. -Tell me how much again? -Only three dashes is what I like. Okay, so we're all set and there's our chunky salsa. -It looked so nice contrasting against the tomatoes- -Is that looks pretty. -And what I like about it is that, you know, you use parsley in this instead of your typical cilantro. It is very [unk] but doesn't have, kind of, overwhelming Mexican flavor. Chips to go along with this chunky salsa. -We're going to try, right? -Yes. -Having the fresh lime juice really adds a nice burst of flavor in there. -So, I'm going to clean up and then we'll get ready for spinach bean. -Yes. -Okay. -And that's found in all in the food processor. -Perfect. -That makes it easy. -Yes. -So, we're going to start with one can 15 ounces of white beans, and what I've here is great northern beans, but you could also use cannellini if you wanted. -But, it's a little bigger. -Yes, a little bigger, but they're both have really nice creamy texture. So, I'm just going to put the beans in there. -What's next? -We're [unk] just on its own and that's just a quick pause until you see it get kind of creamy on the sides. -Looking creamy to me. -All right, if you could hand me the one cup sour cream and the spatula, so I can scrape into the bowl here. -That's what you use light to make it a little more-- -You could. -healthy. -Yes. I probably wouldn't go all the way to fat free though because sometimes that's a little watery and we don't want a watery dip. -No, that would not be good. -Okay, great. And then, the milk and that's a quarter cup of whole milk as what we have here, but once again you could two percent or skim if you wanted to. And then, the pocket of soup mix and it's just a regular vegetable soup mix adds really nice freshness. It also has salt already in it. We don't need to add any additional salt to it. Okay, so I'm just going to put the top back on [unk] that until it smooth. Okay, so just squeeze into the bowl and then the spinach. -Yes. So that your spinach doesn't get to the, you know, all ground up and very small. -So, if you want to grab the spinach you can just kind of, add that to the bowl. So, once we get all that scraped in there. -How about I mix that up for you while you check on the cheese dip. -I think we're all set. The cheese dip looks like everything is melted evenly. -All right. So, we're going to put that here on our hot pan. Garnish with a little scallion. -Oh, look at this. It looks like a party. -Yes, we're all set. We've got cheddar onion dip, spinach bean dip, and then our chunky salsa. -We have to taste. -Oh, without a doubt. -All right. I'm going to try the cheddar onion. -And I think I'm going to go for the spinach beans. -Love that. I love it's warm and you have the two cold ones to sort of offset it. Thank you so much for having us once again in the Family Circle Test Kitchen. You're the best. -I appreciate it. -If you would like more great recipes and ideas pick up a Family Circle Magazine or be sure [unk] <>. We'll have plenty of new recipes for you, enjoy.