Cakes for Kids

Fun Cakes for Kids

The It Moms show you how easy it is to make fun and creative cakes for your kids. If the It Moms can do it, you can too!!!

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. -Hi, it Moms. Well, we've all seen then. You go to a party for a child and the mom walks out with this cake. It's like a dragon or princess or a lego castle-- it's impressive. And you think to yourself, no mere immortal Mommy kid makes that. She hasn't bought it in the bakery, so leave it to Holly and I to research just how difficult these cakes are to put together or aren't they so difficult. So we have very easy steps to show you these masterpieces can be done. Let's get started. -I hope. -So the first step Holly and I took was to research online some different cake themes with step by step easy-to-follow instructions. -Marnie's gonna do a princess cake, no big shock there and I'm gonna try a fire truck and we'll see if they closely resemble the pictures that were supposed to follow. -Smidgen would be done, so don't laugh. Okay, the scary thing about today is that we're really are trying this for the first time. So if we mess up-- -You're gonna see it. -You're gonna see it in living color. -Right. -There's a measure of twice and cut once, right? -Measured twice, cut once is enough, what they say? -But look at-- -It looks just like the picture, sort of not yet right. -Sort of-- -So the second step that we would recommend is to bake the cake the day before and throw a towel in to keep them moisture. And while you're at it, buy the ingredients ahead of time too so that you can actually spend some time enjoying the creativity in constructing your masterpiece. Okay, the next thing that we have to do is we have the color, the frosting [unk]. Okay, so a tip for frosting layered cakes is when you do the frosting in between layers, leave about a quarter of an inch on the edge. That way, when you put the other layer on top, the frosting doesn't ooze up the sides. And it's not really turned out just yet. -We're gonna do just fine, just like the store-bought cake. -Do you want? It Moms are not about perfection. We're about experiencing new things. I'm doing it. -Bakery cakes looking really good right now. Our third and final tip is to set aside plenty of time for the decorating process here. Okay, honey, close your eyes. -Any good It Moms preferred to do what she has to for her children. And it's not always pretty. The girls aren't good at it-- car noises and stuff, it's now a boy thing. Look it's breaking. -Now that my friends is a [unk] problems. -She's-- blow it out. 'Cause Mommies we know it blow after like. Okay, see. You feel a lot better now? -I saved her. -You did save her, and now she's getting a high five. She was still like-- -Okay, It Moms, to all of you women who make this look easy, we bow down to you. Hopefully you'll learn something today to do and whatnot to do when putting these cakes together. What we gained in weight eating the frosting, we definitely lost in laughter and that's our number one tip as always is try new things together and laugh a lot. -Absolutely. Bye It Moms. -Bye It Moms. -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives. Your new video source for parenting.