Cupcake Party

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-What child doesn't love cupcakes? Well today we're gonna show you how to create a cupcake-themed party for your kids and 1-800-flowers Lifestyle Expert Julie Mulligan is here to show us how easy it is to do. We're so glad you're here with us today. -Juli, I'm thrilled to be here. This is a really exciting project. -This is fantastic. You created all this and we're not just talking about cupcakes to eat, although we have those 2 but we're talking about beautiful cupcake decorations, and I love this huge centerpiece. -That's so much fun. That's really going to get the kids excited the minute they walk in the door and they see that supersized cupcake. -Show me how to make it. -Now this is something that mom would make before the kids get there. -Okay. -Because it's a little, you know, more involved and it takes a little longer but it's the same concept that the kids will be using for the smaller ones. I just took a galvanized bucket that I got at a craft store. -Okay. -And filled it with oasis. This is something again you can get it at a craft store or a florist. -What's this? -And this comes in a brick like that that can be cut up, but I used 6 of them. -Okay. -And then tape them down and then you fill this with water so these are thoroughly soaked. -Oh, so the arrangement stays nice. -So they keep the flowers alive. -Okay. -Now look at how easy it is. You have a mum there. -Yes. -To insert them right into the foam, you start with your top one. -Yes. -And then you would do your side ones. -Okay. -That's how I find it best so that you're really getting the shape. -Oh, I see, along the sides. Okay. -So then you know how tall you want it to be and you know how wide it is all around and then you just kind of in lines almost. Just keep filling it in. I used red carnations. -Yes. -A cluster of those that I just taped together. -To make a cherry, that's so cute. -And inserted into the foam for the cherry. -Yes. -And then for the sprinkles I just took wooden dowels, and I cut them the size that I wanted as sprinkles, you know, maybe-- -Giant sprinkle. -I painted them-- -Yes. -With different colors and then these you can put on with just a little glue or spray adhesive. -And you just stick it right to the top of the flowers. -Right on to the floral. It doesn't hurt the flowers at all when you put those on-- -Fantastic. -And have a giant cupcake with sprinkles and a cherry on top. -And at your party, you actually have cupcakes to eat too which will be very exciting to the kids and they can decorate them. -Again, you wanna have a lot of activities for the kids and it's all around the cupcakes, so instead of having the cupcakes ready ahead of time already decorated, you bake them and ice them, but then use plastic shot glasses and fill them with lots of fun different things, gummy bears and sprinkles and then the kids can each, you know, decorate their own. You have the places set up. -Around the table. -Yes. -Okay. -You know a little more, you know, hygienic that way, great to take pictures of them while they're doing it and then each one with their finished product before they eat it. -And then once they eat their cupcake, you have an activity so they can bring home a floral cupcake. -And this one is so much fun because they really can get hands-on, learn a new skill. -Yes. -Each are floral designers of America. You can do tiny ones. -These are so cute. -Those are those silicone cupcake holders-- -Oh, okay. -That you can bake right in. -And what's inside? -This is called an Igloo. This is just a small piece of floral foam that's, you know, has a flat bottom. You can use these or you can use the regular floral foam. -And just cut it. -And you cut it into a small piece. -Okay. Let's make one. -Let's do it. -Okay. -You're ready? -We each have our own. -Now this one, this is a melamine container that's great to reuse. -Yes. You can get that at a craft store. -Yes. Party supply or yes, where they sell. -How many carnations would you need? -For this size, we use 10 carnations. -Okay. -And it's about a little less than the third of a brick of the oasis. -All right. -And you use all different color carnations, and then you just do the same exact thing that we did with the larger one you put in one on the top and it's nice to have one that a friend or the hostess of a party is kind of demonstrating, so that the kids kind of have something to follow, but their cupcake you wanna cut it as short as possible so that there's not too many stems. -There we go. I'll trade with you. -Okay. -Okay. -I'll have this one. And you just keep putting them around and then when the shape is made, you can use just a spray adhesive. They make some that are 4 flowers in particular. -Yes. -Spray it then you could put on sparkles, you can add sprinkles. Here we just did little wooden stars. You can get fake cherries. You can really use your imagination. You can do like you know little jelly beans that they stick on and that's where the kids can get, you know, really creative and make their own. You have all of the supplies around on the table. -And these, oh I love the cherries on top. This is a fantastic end product. It looks adorable. -Isn't it cute? And this will last now as a fresh arrangement for up to 2 weeks. -Just keep adding water. -You just keep adding water right into the dish and the children are gonna be so excited about doing it and then so happy and proud when they bring it home and they get to see it every day. -Julie Mulligan, this is fantastic. What a great idea you came up with. -Thank you. -Thank you so much for showing us. -Oh, it's my pleasure. I really had so much fun doing these kinds of projects. -All right and thank you for watching Parents TV. Stay tuned for more great segments. This is great.