Going Green

How would you like to turn your family into a lean, green, recycling machine?Parents magazine and Discover Card show us how to get kids more involved in taking care of their environment.

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-Hey moms. Today we're teaming up with Parents magazine and Discover Card to show you ways to get it together. For example, chances are you and your family have been going green or at least trying to, but we all know it's not easy. It often means late night separating the recyclables from the trash - but fear not. Holly and Marni show us how to get it together with an unexpected solution. -You know at this young age kids don't even realize the positive impact that they can have on their environment. -Fortunately, we live in a time where we can teach our kids good earth habits early. -So, today we're gonna teach them a little bit about recycling. Hey kids, you guys wanna learn a new game? -Yey! -Most moms already know that if they make learning fun and they make a game out of it kids are more eager to learn. -Yeah, anything it takes to motivate them. All right guys. -Okay I'm gonna hold something up, you say paper, plastic or glass. All right Michael nice work. What's this? -Plastic. -Right, you guys are brilliant. -What's this? -Glass. -That breaks so it's always in here, glass-- -Right. What's this? -Paper. -Paper. -Okay. Plastic, paper, glass. -You guys are getting the hang of this. I think we'll let you take care of this and then we can go to Peanut Butter and Ellie's for lunch. -Yey! -Wohooo! All you guys need to do is get through all this. -Just like that. -No problem, right? -We'll come back and check on you. -Yeah. -Okay, it's a game. Go! -Good luck with that. Have fun. -Where do you think this goes? -Right there. -Here? Good job. -Michael right here. -Uh-huh, I didn't notice that. -And they're like-- -I really like that we're getting the kids involved in this 'cause usually it's just me up the night before trash days, sorting and recycling all by myself. -And not only it takes something off my "to do" list but it empowers the kids to make a positive change in their environment. -Yup, one piece of plastic at a time. -Or paper. -Right, and we get to enjoy a little moment to ourselves. -Yes. -Cup of coffee-- -Never happens. -never happens. -Cheers. -Cheers. -Great job you guys. When we all work together we really can make the world a better, cleaner place. -Yup, every little person adds up to make a big difference. So, you guys you did so great. We're gonna go to a special place for lunch. -Yeah! -Yey, you guys excited?-- -Yeah, you guys like that?-- -Yeah. -Okay, let's get going. -Get goin'. -Here we go. -We're here, we made it. We're at Peanut Butter and Ellie's. We chose this business because they actually believe in respecting the environment. -They buy local organic produce and they recycle their products that they use. -There's probably a place like this in your neighborhood so check it out -And tell me too. Guys eat up. Ebjoy! -There you go, and what a great day we had. We had quality time with the kids, learned a lot about the environment, and we ended that on a great meal. -It's never too early to teach your kids to go green and here's just another way you can teach the whole family to get it together. -Get it together. -Bye bye. -Bye bye. -Need help making you're home a little greener and your kids a little more responsible? Then go to for some great ways to get your kids involved in your day-to-day tasks. You'll find checklists, resources, and other tips on how to get it together, courtesy of Parents magazine and Discover Card.