Mitt Romney

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Hi. My name is Mitt Romney. Over the course of my career, I've travelled in a lot of different countries and you can't help but notice that there's quite a difference between the success of one nation and the success of another. A lot has been written about that, trying to understand why that may be the case. One book about that that I've read was by a fellow named David Landes of Harvard University who wrote a book called The Wealth and Poverty of Nations. In it he says, you know, it's the people and the culture of the people that make all the difference between one nation and another. There are a couple of aspects about America's culture I'd like to chat with you about. One is education and the other is family. Our schools are failing far too many of our kids. As a matter of fact, on average, America's kids are performing in the bottom quartile, the bottom 25 percent of the kids around the world in nations that we compete with. We can't lead the world if our kids are performing at the bottom one quarter. What do we have to do to improve our schools? Some say, "Well, gee, just make a classroom smaller." But there's really no indication or evidence that shrinking classroom size has an impact on the success of our kids. Instead, having high standards, making sure our kids get plenty of math and science education and paying better teachers better pay. Those make a difference. We're going to put education at the top of our priority list again. And there's families. In my view, there's nothing more important to the future of America than the work that goes on within the four walls of the American home. I'm concerned when I see that in our cities, the majority of our kids are born to a single parent out of wedlock. We really need to teach our kids that before they have babies, they need to get married. Others from great single parents that make a heroic sacrifice to raise great kids, but on the whole, a society is strengthened if we have marriage. It's something we've got to encourage. Another aspect about families I'm concerned about and that is what Peggy Noonan called "the ocean of filth in which our kids are swimming." You see, our kids are bombarded with sex and violence and perversions and pornography. I wanna make sure that every computer sold in this country has an easy-to-access internet filter which blocks pornography from coming in at the home. I also wanna make sure that those people who use the internet to become predators on kids are put away forever. I wanna call this "One Strike, You're Ours". You do something like that, you get put away for the rest of your life. Or if you get out before the end of your life, you got a GPS tracking system on you to make sure you can never bother another child. A lot is at stake. The future of a lot of lives. A lot of kids is at stake, and also the future of America. Let's come together and put kids once again at the top of our priority agenda. Thank you.