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Tutus & Tap Shoes

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-Whether they're in tutus, or tap shoes, these little dancers are showing their stuff. Anna Kaiser teaches ballet and basic tap to little one 18 months to five years old as part of her program called Creating Station. -They learn different dances. Some of the class-- the two, three's class-- incorporate both ballet and tap so it's a half hour session of ballet and then a 15-minute session of tap. We not only incorporate the ballet movement and the ballet vocabulary, they're able to recite, you know, I would say about 10 different positions by the end of class. But, they are also able to move freely and just really enjoy dancing and being creative in the space. So it doesn't just have to do with learning ballet at a young age, but also just exploring movement. -Krista Rowe says dance class is a great way to get you and your little one out of the house. -I'm a stay-at-home mom for the most part with her, and so I think all of these classes for women like me are a way for them to socialize, to get out and for them to play really. And, it's also a great way for stay-at-home moms to meet other people and, you know, to avoid going absolutely crazy at home. -And Krista loves seeing her daughter, Leia, get moving. -It's a great exercise in learning to listen. And even the things that-- if she won't participate in class, I find when we get home, she'll do the moves, she'll do her plies and passes and perform for her father. -Mom, Mariella Shirak, says her daughter, Arianna, brings the lessons she learns in dance class home as well. -She has a little tutu at home and she's always asking for the tutu when the music's on. She's like, "Tutu. Tutu." And so, she'll put on the tutu and she'll dance around. -Which shows that Arianna is actually absorbing what she does in dance class. -What I loved about it was they actually have to listen and pay attention and at first I was hesitant. I was-- oh, I don't know if she's really gonna pay attention. And by the end, she got more accustomed to it. She was actually listening. And she'll do it at home too, some of the stuff. So she'll do some of the positions so-- Really more, she is paying attention. -Creation Station classes take place several times a week here at Apple Seeds, a place for children to learn and play in New York City. Apple Seeds is an all-in-one play space for families with children zero to five. We have a bunch of businesses all under one roof. Founders Allison Schlanger and Alison Qualter Berna made ballet a priority when choosing the classes Apple Seeds would offer. -The reason why we took ballet-- largely, people do it as a memory of their own childhood taking ballet. But there really is no more beautiful thing, more fun thing, more sort of hilarious thing when you see little children coming in their tutus and their magic wands, and their tiaras. The dress-up factor at this age for young girls and young boys is tremendous. And so, when you can actually have a class that allows them to do that, and actually encourages them to do that, it's just-- it's a joy for you as a parent, but it's so much fun for the child. -But your child doesn't have to have a tutu to get started in dance classes. All they need is a pair of tap shoes or ballet slippers and of course, the desire to dance. -The leotard is more-- not necessary, but ballet shoes actually help to keep the traction 'cause when we actually didn't have them, she kinda slipped. She wanted-- she was just on socks. The ballet shoes are definitely helpful. -When choosing a dance class for your child, Anna says to look for something fun and exciting. -Definitely something that's still fun for the child so that they enjoy doing it and it's not too serious in terms of just learning technique and positions, that they really just enjoy moving because that's what's going to keep them dancing throughout their life. And then as they get older, look for a place that has a diverse dance background. So not only ballet, but tap or jazz or swing dancing or, you know, different things to keep them excited and versatile. -Because while it might not look like much now, your little one could be more than just getting a tutu from taking dance class. -It's being comfortable and confident with yourself. And some people and some kids will take that on and go further with it and become dancers because they really love it. And some will just use that confidence to, you know, be a capable person in the world in many different aspects. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.