Affordable Decorating

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Hi, everybody. Times are tough for everybody right now but that is definitely not a reason to stop decorating. We have got some affordable tips to keep your home looking stylish. Family Circle Magazine's Home Style Director, Judy Prouty, is here to fill us in on what we can do. It's so good to have you. -Thank you so much, Julie. -I think that one of the first things people stop doing when the times are tough is decorating or buying new things for their house. But you're gonna show us that it's possible even on a tight budget. -Yes. And I really think that's the time when you ought to be speaking up your place. It makes you feel better, it's inviting both of your family and yes. -Because you might be spending more time at home not going up quite some much, -Exactly. -so you wanna make it nice. -Exactly. -Okay. Let's start with the walls. You have great wall decals that you can put up. Not expensive, right? -Yes. And there are a lot of ways to decorate the walls in your home, inexpensive prints that you can get online and also photographs but these are the hottest news in wall decals. -Tell me about this one. This is a, you know-- -Well, this is a very-- -Profile of a dog. -Yes, very graphic print of a silhouette of a dog and there are lots and lots of other patterns to choose from. Floral, scenic, many, many, many types of wall decals that are out there and available, and they're graphic and colorful and really fun. -We have a lot of great things here but if we could, let's stick to the walls for just a second because you have this beautiful wallpaper. Tell me how this can really brighten up your place? -Well, the way to do it on cheap is forget wallpapering the walls. Add a touch of color, add a touch of pattern, somewhere unexpected. You might do it inside of a cabinet, it might be in your bureau drawers. -So, wallpaper is not just for walls anymore. -Exactly, exactly. -Okay. Now, on the table, you wanna present a beautiful table if you're gonna be having dinners in and you're mixing lots of different colors. Tell me about this. -Well, the idea here is to dress up your everyday white dishes with some colors and patterns that you may already have or some inexpensive plates, bowls that you can purchase. -So, you have the everyday white here on the bottom, -Yes. -and you're adding these beautiful plates here. -Yes. Just a little bowl, a little bowl or even a salad plate will really make a big difference and just brighten the whole table. -And it's an unexpected combination but it really works. -Yes, yes. -Okay. Moving on, this tray, not for the table, actually for the bathroom. -Yes, it is. Let's not neglect the bathroom. There are ways to decorate every room in the house and in the bathroom, an easy way to do it is you get one fabulous tray such as this, and put all your essentials out, your makeup brushes, your nail polish, then you add a little decorative touch of pretty dish with some pretty soaps, maybe a vase with some flowers in it. -And it's under $50. -Yeah and you just have a really great display in your bathroom. -Okay. We're going back out to the living room now because you've brought in a gorgeous throw to add some color to the couch. -Yes. -Tell me about this. -Well, throws are absolutely one of the best place to brighten up neutral sofa, neutral chair. You know, you can almost use them in every room in the house, Julie. They are colorful, warm and such an easy way to make a difference. -And animal prints are always in. -Yes. -And they could add a nice splash to any room. -Yes. -I love these pillows you brought. -Well, my favorite of course is always leopard. However, why not go out on the prowl and see if you can find giraffe print as we have here. -Why not? -Yes or zebra. -Yeah. Oh, this is great. You have brought some fantastic things and the best part of all of this, all under $50. -Yes, they are. -Julie, thank you so much for coming in. I appreciate having you. Can't wait to have you back again in. -Great. -For more tips, you can check out the article 50 Decorating Tips Under $50 in the April 17th issue of Family Circle Magazine. Thank you so much for watching Parents TV, see you soon.