Thank You

Saying Thank You

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-Hey, moms. With so many play dates and so many birthdays, doesn't it seem like life is an endless stream of thank you cards? Well, put the pen down and take a breather. Today, Parents Magazine and Discover Card show us an easy way to get it together with your little ones and say thank you at the same time. -Did you have fun at the play date? What did you guys do? -Okay. -Did you play princess? -Yeah. -Was it fun? -Uh huh. -What was your favorite dress that you put on? -The one that's with roses. -The one with the roses? That's awesome. With all of the play dates, birthday gifts and other gestures that Emily's faced with throughout the year, I feel like I'm always writing thank you cards. But then, one day, it hit me. Nana doesn't wanna hear from me about the great gifts that she's sent. She wants to hear from Emily. So today, I'm gonna teach Emily to write her own thank you cards. Are you ready to go? -Yeah. -You think Nana deserves a thank you card? I think so too. -You don't even need to create your own thank you card from scratch. I picked this template from All you need are some markers and little creativity. So we've got plenty of that, right? Okay. Write your name. Good job. And just because your children may be a little too young to write their own thank you cards, doesn't mean they can't participate. Have them draw a picture and write their name, that way you can fill in the rest. Okay. Let's write Nana's name. N-A-N-A. Good job. Getting your children involved in writing their own thank you cards not only teaches them about appreciation, but it gives you more time to yourself. That way, at night, after the kids go down, I may actually get to talk to my husband instead of having to write a dozen thank you cards. Besides, Nana would much rather get a picture from Emily than a thank you card from me. And it saves me from the hand cramps. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? And I will just fill in what we're thanking Nana for. It's much easier to fill in one line than several. So, for the Under-the-Sea. Awesome. Great. Do you think the mailman's ready to pick this up? -Yeah. -All we need is an envelope and a stamp. You're gonna get that for Mommy? Freeing up one more task for me. -Okay. -Awesome. That was like magic. Okay. Well, let's get going. Okay. We'll fold this up like this. Okay. Can you stuff that envelope in there? -Uh huh. -Good job. -I don't have to do it at all. You can do that by yourself. High five. Nice work. All I had to do is write what we are thanking and now all I have to do is write an address on here and send it away. Hey, Emily, where does Nana live? -California? -Can you remember? -[unk]. -Yes. -All right. Let's go and mail this. Okay. The next time you find the need to write a quick thank you, take the opportunity to teach your kids to write thank you cards themselves, helps build their confidence and it gives you more time for you. And don't tell me you don't need that. Plus, it's one more way to get it together. Off to [unk]. Come on. -All right. What are we gonna do next? -Would you like to create thank you notes with your children? Then, go to for some great ways to get your kids involved in your day-to-day tasks. You'll find checklists, resources, and other tips on how to get it together, courtesy of Parents Magazine and Discover Card.