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Birthday Party Ideas

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-We are talking about birthday parties on Parents TV today and who better to show us some great ways to make your party special than Amanda Kingloff, the Lifestyle Director from Parents Magazine, always good to have you in. -Thanks. -We always have so much fun. -We do. We're always celebrating something. -You know, something and today, it's birthday parties. -Birthday parties. -Themes are big. -Themes are big. -Always but especially this year. -Always big and it's nice to kind of package your party with a theme. One great theme that we talked about in the magazine is a Candy Land Theme. A game that we play, a game that our kids play. So, what you can do is you can make a little pathway entrance just using colored square papers, you know, cloths. -Yeah. -And wrap mylar balloons in cellophane to make them look like candies and then of course, party favor, a little baggy of candy, perfect. -A little baggy. Who doesn't want candy? -Who doesn't want candy? -Great idea. What's another big one? -Another big one is a Puppy Party. And both of these are great 'cause they're unisex. So, they're not grown up boy. A Puppy Party, all kids love puppies. [unk] invitation that looks like a little collar with a little tag and it says, please come to my puppy party. And then when the kids arrive, let them choose their own puppy name. So, if their, you know, name is there and they wanna be called spot, make a little name tag with a paw print, -Cute. -with their name on it. And then as the favor, a doggy bag because everyone needs to take him the doggy bag. -Great idea. -And then it's just made from a little brown paper bag, you add some paper ears and you're good to go. -Okay. So, two good themes, -Yeah. -and you've got a lot of great ideas here for birthday parties. -A lot of fun stuff. -Let's start with the invitations. -The invitation. So, this first one ever here is a classic hoodie catcher that we've all played with a little fortune tag. -Oh, I love those. Yeah. -So, we wrote come to my party on the top and when you open it, it says who, what, where, when and you just lift the flaps and it has the little details. -That is so clever. -And what's great is that it folds flat so you can mail it through the mail. -Oh, what a great idea. -Yeah. -Okay. This is an online invitation that we love. It's a website called Find a picture of your child that you really love or you know, just look at your child and you can design now the character. -Oh, I love it. -You pick their hair color, you could pick their outfit. -So, that's her. -Yes. That's her. -This one is all from office supply, office supplies and this one is a little hot invite. So, yeah, all fun stuff. -All of these are adorable. -Yeah. -And you know what, sometimes people get overwhelmed with decorating but as you said before, you don't have to be a party planner. -You don't have to be a party planner. -Show us what you did here, which is so clever. -Yeah. We did a whole page of garland. This is a really fun simple garland that's, you know, that has recycling in mind. These are just the back of serial boxes or cracker boxes and we just trace a cup and cut circles. -And you're recycling at the same time. -Exactly. -Saving the earth. And then we took a really thin string and lined it up and just use letter stickers and stuck them on. You can say anything you want, you can write the kid's name or you could just have happy birthday music for every birthday. -Okay. Party favors. -Party favors. -And these aren't your typical favors. These are [unk] out of the box. -Right. -Tell us about this. -We wanted to design favors that weren't gonna end up in the garbage can at the end of the day. So, these will have a little education and a little how to to them. So, this one is sort of a little sciency favor. Inside the box, fill it with some bird seed. This is a cute little bird calling whistle, water whistle. Really, really cute. The kids will love it. -And books are always good. -Books are always great. Just give a book, add a cute little bookmark and there you go. And then the next one is a cookie kit. And so, basically, you write the instructions on a cute label on the front and you just layer the different-- -Ingredients. -ingredients to make cookies. You just dump and pour. -Dump it all in. -And the kid can make their own cookies when they get home. So the party never ends. -I think we should do this one later. I love that. Okay. And finally down here. -That is the DIY sock puppy kit and basically all that's in there, you just buy craft materials and ball. -And this is a great idea of displaying the bags as an extra decoration. -Yes. So just line them all up, put a piece of painter saver across the back to keep them even. Flip it over and paint any kind of landscape that you want. It can be a card and it can be this little cityscape, it can be a moonscape. -You're so creative. Okay, finally, you have some activities to show us. -Activities. This is another recycling activity. Just gather a bunch of plastic bottles. We all have them, we all throw them out and if you can buy colored sand at a craft store and let the kids layer them, you get funnels, let them pour the different colors and they can make hair and little faces. -Love that. -Okay and finally. -And this is a fun painting activity and this is just a cookie sheet, -Uh-hmm. -lined with paper and what you do is you take beads or marbles, dip them in paint. -Let's pull this out of the way. -Okay. Dip them in paint and then the kids can just role them around and it makes this really fun abstract painting. -Great idea, Amanda. This is fantastic. -Thank you. -We could plan such a great party and kids' birthdays are coming up so I really appreciate the help. -You're welcome. -It's good to see you. For more birthday party tips, you can go to Thanks so much for watching. We'll see you soon.