Belly Dancing

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-Hey, It Moms. There are so many activities we as mommies come across that we find intriguing, but, rarely do we have the courage to give it a try. Well, today, Holly and I found some courage. Seriously, there's nothing that we won't do to give you a little goose of inspiration. And we mean it because, today, we're taking a belly dancing lesson. We've got 3 reasons why you should check it out. Our teacher today is amazing. This is Rachel George and she has been Entertainer of the Year and Ms. Belly Dance U.S.A. -Hey, Rachel. We're a couple of mommies, regular mommies. Do you think you can teach us how to belly dance? -Yes. Anyone can do it. -We brought the bellies. -Is belly dancing actually really good for your abs? -Yes, because it's- all the movement is for- is based in muscle isolation. So, any muscle that you use creates movement. -Have the fun of going to a belly dancing class is dressing up. -Okay. When I start a class, there's always the warm-ups, strengthening treat of it because, obviously, everything comes from muscle isolation, the muscle movement. So, you have the strengthen and condition those muscles. We use your upper back, the upper abs, your lower abs and roll it down. You'll find out that you have muscles that you never knew you had. -I'm already there. -You know what? I'm like actually having to breathe, and which is our number reason you should try belly dancing. It's great exercise. I'm not gonna- it looks pretty when you're starting on the same. It's great exercise. -One thing that I love about this class, so far, is that it's like learning a different culture, but it's fun. It's learning and conditioning. There's your second reason to try belly dancing. -So, most of the hip movements come from the gluts. -Right. -But you have to be able to connect with these muscles here. -There's muscle in there? -Oh, yeah. -What? -You're gonna squeeze the right one and letting the right one squeeze. -Relax. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it. Relax. It's just TV where people are looking at your bones shake. Now, we do. -So, we're gonna do a step touch. On that touch, you're gonna squeeze that glut, remember? -Squeeze. Squeeze. Yoo-hoo! -Okay. So, when I got here today, I was all nervous. I didn't know what to expect. I did not wanna show my belly. -No. -But the greatest thing is, belly dancing actually encourages you to embrace your body as a woman, curves and all. -Uh-huh. -It actually celebrates women and their femininity and their strength. Very cool. -Very good, It Moms. That's very empowering. -Let's do it [unk]. -That's the best part. -Step touch. Step touch. -I just wanna watch her. -Oh, my gosh. -No, you ain't getting on this. No. Move on. Step on out, honey. -Round it up. -Oh, my god. Yehey! -All right. -[unk] -Twist. Twist. Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze. -Okay, It Moms. To sum it up, belly dancing is a great way to become comfortable in your own skin. Get some good exercise. And these are pretty clothes. -Not to mention, you have a dance with a great history to learn and you get to play with some things. -Bye, It Moms. -Bye, It Moms. -Try something new. -Bye, Rachel. -Bye, Rachel. -Girls, you can leave the costumes. -Sorry. Okay. Go ahead and [unk]. -Thank you for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives.