Maximize Workout

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-When committing to get fit, your time is precious. High rep, fast-paced exercise like jogging helps hearts. -It's important to have a strong heart, healthy lungs, and elevate the heart rate. -Weight and resistance training build lean muscle. It helps prevent diabetes and burns fat. So, if you only have half an hour, which do you choose? -In my view, the best exercise would be resistance-based training at a very high rate. -That means performing 15 to 20 reps using weight. Personal trainer Julie Sendrowski says it works. -Some of my very best workouts for myself have been within a half an hour. -Those double benefit workouts can be done at home, starting without any weight. When you're ready to add resistance, raid the pantry. -So you might even wanna use like a can of soup or something heavier, even a gallon of water. -And if you like company, try a gym. -I think the advantage of having equipment is the fact that you've got a controlled situation where you have precise resistance. -Instead of choosing a machine like this that isolates only one muscle group, it's best to use machines like this that recruits several muscle groups at the same time. And if you're on the move-- -Bends are great. I love bends. They're wonderful. They're easily portable. They don't weigh anything. You can take them anywhere. -Most importantly, whatever exercise you choose, do it right. -You can injure yourself so it is very important to do the moves correctly. -Use correct form. It's different for each exercise. -As I step forward into a lunge, my knee is directly over my heel. -It can mean the difference between a 30-minute workout, and a 30-minute ice pack. -Thank you for watching Parents TV, Our Families, Our Lives.