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Get expert tips for preparing a nursery for your baby--even if you life in a small space.

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-Welcome to Parents TV on demand. A place for parents to learn, share and develop a healthy family together. Parents TV. Our families, our lives. Hi, I'm Anne Ebeling. You're watching Parents TV. Now, setting up a nursery like this one takes a lot of work. Parents TV's Dennis House shows us how he made room for his new baby. -The room we chose for a nursery is a small room but it's got some great shelves and a pretty big closet. It was used as a nursery by the previous owners, some 32 years ago. Best of all, it's location. It's next to the bathroom and it's also next to the laundry room. And this is great because little babies produced lots and lots of dirty laundry. And here it is, right now it's a junk room with lots and lots of junk. This is the closet filled with a coin collection from my childhood. Also, it's a close-- a plastic owl. I told Kara, so this would be very nice for nursery, she said, no. All right. Over here, we've got some great shelves. This is where all the baby stuff will go; lotions and clothes, diapers, things like that. We need to repaint all of this and get rid of all this junk. We have a potpourri of stuff, all of which, needs to go somewhere. I'm gonna start emptying out this room. We're gonna start with this bookshelf. Excuse, do you mind? We gotta move. We gotta move. Let's go. Next time you see this place, it's gonna look vastly different. -And here it is-- the renovated room baby Helena now calls home. But some Moms and Dads are just too busy to set up a nursery themselves. So, now we'll introduce you to a full service company dedicated to make you a room for baby and making it easier on Moms-to-be. -Baskets and Pottery Barn or even Target or Bye-Bye Baby. -Meet Vera Kessler. She answers the prayers of expected mothers on the run by setting up nurseries like this one from scratch. -I help Moms clean and organize their nursery. Once they have their baby shower, once they have everything they need for the baby oftentimes they are at a loss of where to put it. There's so many things that the baby has. So many clothes and toys and accessories and people-- especially parents who don't have another baby, they're not sure where everything goes. And I help them decide how to maximize space and minimize clutter and make sure the nursery is very efficient. So, when they're changing diapers in the middle of the night, they have the diapers, the wipes and the ointment very accessible to them. -Vera went through a rough pregnancy with her son Jeremy, which left her with little time to prepare for his arrival. -I was very sick and I couldn't end up set up the nursery. I didn't know exactly what to register. I was the first of my friends to have a baby and I really didn't know the appropriate things that I needed to do, and also, the resources that were available to me as a Mom. -So, she started her own company called Nursery 101 to help other women get ready for their babies. -It feels great. I'm really, really fortunate to be able to pass on the knowledge and the experience that I've gained with my baby and help other women go through their experience with their children. So-- really, it's very rewarding. -With her hectic schedule, Atty. Sheila Osmond had no time to shop for the coming of her baby girl Jordana. -Even though I had a normal pregnancy, there's going to the doctor all the time and working [unk] a lot of time to do research, [unk] a lot of different kinds of furniture, cribs, car seats, strollers, all that kind of stuff and just actually set up the nursery. -So she called on Vera in Nursery 101. -And she showed us how we should organize things just the good way of setting things up to make it as easiest as possible for us coming home with the newborn. -Sheila let Vera know she wanted the classic style. And Vera suggested this furniture set that will grow with Jordana. -We sort of repel her knick knacks and they're now-- and then when she gets old, they're ready for books in it for school and whatnot. -And when it was time to bring Jordana home, Sheila and her husband were ready. -It was really nice because it was a petty, clean, well-organized place and, you know, I thought the baby didn't know what was going on-- you know, at the time we brought her home. We knew and we were comfortable, we were comfortable bringing your home to a clean and neat and organized environment. -But if you still insist on going it alone, Vera has a few simple tips for setting up a nursery. -Well, having a baby can be expensive. But there are certain things you can do to minimize your cost. For example, you can invest in furniture that grows with your child. Instead of getting a stand-alone changing table, parents might wanna think of getting a dresser with a changing pad on top. Also, parents may wanna think of getting a convertible crib instead of a drop-side crib. [unk] to be smart about your storage solutions. You might wanna think of investing in a bureau that has multiple shelves as well as storage compartments. This way you can store items on a shelf as well as inside of the drawers. Another storage solution is to get little baskets. You can get these beautiful baskets in Pottery Barn or even Target or Bye-Bye Baby and you can fill them with books, you can fill them with toys, stuffed animals and they can just slip right under your bed. They can serve as beautiful accents to your room. Don't buy everything you see. You don't necessarily need 36 one [unk] in size newborn. Choosing [unk] that grows rapidly. Buy a very few items in a newborn-size. Start out your child in size 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and get more clothes as they grow older. And also, you can ask the baby consultant. They're there to help you. -For more information about Nursery 101, just visit or look for a nursery planner in your area. So whether you do it on your own or you need a little help, it's just important to be prepared when your baby comes. Thanks for watching Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.