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-Chocolate is the 8th wonder, warm chocolate in the night, just seconds in the microwave and indulgence is served. Betty Crocker Warm Delights, you're just 3 minutes from heaven. -Hi everybody, I'm Juli Auclair and I would like to introduce you to Eebee. Hi Eebee. -Eebee, Eebee. -And to Steven Gass, the creator Eebee's adventures. -Thanks Juli. -It's great to have you here. We hope you enjoy the following segment, but be sure to stick around because afterwards we're gonna show you some great new ways to play with your baby, right Eebee? -Eebee, Eebee. -Eebee, your turn. -She is known as America's most trusted nanny. Jo Frost has helped many parents to control their misbehaving kids on her hit show Supernanny, but did you know she started her career caring for newborns and while she can't visit everybody's house, of course not, her newborn know-how is all right here in her new book, Jo Frost Confident Baby Care, and we are thrilled to have Jo back in the studio with us today. Thank you so much for coming in. -Yes, thank you for inviting me again. Good to see you. Now, you're back in New York and you're promoting your new book, which is fabulous by the way. -Yes. Thank you so much. -I know that you spoke at a launching for the Big City Moms. -Yeah. -You've been signing books everywhere. -That's right. -Let's talk about this new book because this cover is so much different -Yes. -your other two which had the-- -Yes. -This is the softer Jo. -Yes, well, this is the side, you know, that people haven't had the chance to see from watching the show. It's about the character the Supernanny fig up, but you know at the end of the day it's about me bringing to parents a newfound confidence and really instilling that and the book has given the chance to be able to do so because it's a baby book and it's really concentrating on the first 12 months. And so being able to really bring my experience and knowledge to parents for the first time in this way, it's just really, really exciting for me. A lot of parents haven't realized that I started of 2 decades ago looking up the newborns. -A nanny for 17 years. -I said yes. Yes, before coming here and I do have a lot of experience. -So you've got a lot of experience. -Yes, a lot of experience. -So give us a better idea of what parents can expect to find in a book. -Yes, well, obviously, we're trying to look at the developmental stages of a newborn, but we're addressing situations like adoption and premature babies, baby proofing for when your child starts to crawl around, good healthy feeding and sleeping patterns and putting in a routine that's flexible. And what I felt was very important was to really reassure parents and go through step by step the emotional journey that they're going to be going through so that this really would become their living nanny really. -That's what you say. That's what you say, your very own person live in me. -Yes. Yes. -It's the next best thing to having you here. -Yes, it is. -You know, because everyone wishes you were there. What do you think are some of the most important things that parents need to know before the baby arrives? -I think it is important to be able to keep talking to your partner, or certain if you're a single parent your family and close friends in the ways that you will reach out and to really recognize how organized can I be before the baby comes, making sure that you can recognize the equipment that you will need so you'll not going out -Right. -and buying everything as you sometimes [unk] -Most parents do. Yeah, that is what you just have to have that you really don't need. -Exactly. You know, and it's very frightening for some parents. You know, they worried, they're anxious. "Oh, we cannot be able to afford on newborn baby and how we'll be able to get everything." Of course you are. You've got a heart that's going to love your baby immensely and you gonna do the best job that you can, you know. -But it's overwhelming. -It can be overwhelming, but to have the knowledge to read for the book, I know that you can retake a step by step 'cause I've broken it down by their stages of note 3, 3 to 6 months. It's just going to give you a little bit more ease, a little bit more rest. -Now when you go out in the street, I'm sure people come up to you and say, "Oh, you have to help me. My baby doesn't sleep or my baby is not eating." What is the most common question that parents ask when they bump into you on the street? -So far, it's been will I be able to love my baby, my second one as much as I love my first one? There's always in that one. -You know, you're always worried or I get how many diapers am I going to need in the first year, -Oh my. -you know, and they've heard like, you know, 10,000, 8,000, you know, which has really freaked them out. -Right. Well, getting babies to sleep through the night is a huge thing for new parents in the first year. My baby wants to sleep through at 8 weeks, then the other one was at a year so that was a-- that was a big change for me. What do you tell parents? Is there a little piece of advice you can give? -Yeah, there is. I think it is important to recognize that your baby has to be on a good solid feeding pattern first and having the correct amount of bottlefeeds or breastfeeding milk before they will continue to sleep during the night. And a lot of parents feel that perhaps at 3 months or 4 months, they've got it down -That's right. -that baby is sleeping throughout the night. That changed. -Uh huh. -It changes. So never feel you can continuously have this repetition of your baby going to sleep throughout the night until there is in place, food -Uh huh. -a good pattern and also a bottlefeeding as well. -You have to make sure the babies are full. -Yeah, or you breastfeed it. -Right. -You have to make sure because, of course, their tummy is growing. -Exactly. Okay, let's talk, how's Supernanny going? Season 4, right? -Yeah, it is. I've just finished filming Season 4. -Wow. -It's been a heavy year. It really has. I mean, you know, emotionally, there's-- there's been a lot of families to deal with. It's been challenging. -Did you ever have a family or a child that was just too difficult, too much of a challenge that they weren't ready to be helped that you couldn't do anything for? -Oh no. No. -Everybody is-- -No. -They need you. -You know, not at all. Not at all. -Okay, so, obviously, parents should read your book for a lot of great information, a lot of good advice, but if you could just tell them one thing to help them prepare to welcome the baby or if they have any baby at home, what's one thing that they should know? -I think it's really important to know yourself as parents. It really is important because your babies need you. -Right. -They need the time and your energy and your connection because babies learn so much when we interact with them. So, if you sleep, if you take care of yourself it means you can meet all of your baby's needs and demands, which allows you to enjoy the experience and this is what we want first time parents to do to enjoy the experience of this little miracle that you've been creating. -Amazing. It's incredible time. It can be a little stressful, but it's so wonderful at the same time. -Yeah. I mean I'm a realist. -Yeah. -You know, there are times when you're not going to sleep and you're gonna be slightly more time in the office or you're going to be panicked about how you're going to get your baby to sleep, but that's what the books for to be able to read through and just reassure yourself. -And we'll sleep when the kids are 20, right? -Oh no, you sleep before that. -Okay, good. That's good to know because I'm waiting for that time. Jo, thank you so much. It's such a pleasure to have you. Come back again. -Thank you. Yeah, I certainly will. Thank you for having me. -All right. Thank you so much. And the book is Jo Frost Confident Baby Care and it is available in bookstores now. You've got to go out and get it and you can catch Supernanny on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. Thanks for watching Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family. -Hi everybody, I'm Juli Auclair and I am here along with Steven Gass, the creator of Eebee's Adventures. It's good to have you. -Good to be here Juli. -And of course Eebee is here too. Hi Eebee. -Eebee, Eebee. -And today, we're gonna show you how to have fun in the sands of sandbox. So Steven show us this works? -All right, a sandbox, filling and spilling is filled with lots of big ideas for baby, lower, less, higher, lower so let's put some more in here. -And cereal instead of sands. -That's why and it tastes a lot better too. You're taking turns, an important social skill. Can you dump it out? -Yeah. -Yehey! Good work Eebee. -Can you catch this? -Can you give some back? Here you go. -Oh, you're learning how to share at the same time. -That's right, sharing film showing. -What a great, great adventure for your child. Thank you so much Steven and thank you too Eebee. Can I have a kiss? Mwah. Thank you. For more fun with Eebee, you can check out the comcast video on The Man Channel called Baby Boost or go to and keep watching Parents TV where you find more great Eebee moment, right Eebee? -Eebee, Eebee. Thank you for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives.