Newborn Necessities

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-Hi, everybody. Preparing to bring your new baby home can be really exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Well, today we're gonna show you some must-have products to have on hand when baby arrives. And joining us is Lisa Kennedy from It's so great to have you here. -Thank you for having me. -Thanks for coming in. You know, there are so many wonderful products in the market right now that just make it so much easier for mom and for baby, even more so then, when I had a baby three years ago. So, it's great to see what's out there and you're gonna show us today. -Absolutely, happy to. -Let's start with this great bouncer which has some really interesting feature. Tell us about it. -Yeah. This is a Pod Bouncer, so one of the things that its great about it is it actually moves naturally with the baby. -Okay. -So this will enables the bouncing action. In addition to that, it has a vibrating capability, it plays music and for the mom who wants her own music, she can actually plug her mp3 into it so she can actually put her-- -How great is that? -It's fantastic. It's amazing. -Instead listening to the same song over and over again. -Exactly. Exactly. It's-- -That is really nice. -It also reclines two ways and for people who are concerned this, sort of, three toy arch way, comes off really easily. -Okay. Moving on to the crib sheet, this is the most fantastic thing, I think, on the table. Tell us about this and then we'll talk about why it's so amazing. -Moms are very reluctant to change crib sheets. -It's a nightmare. -It is an absolute nightmare; you have to pick up the sheet, you have to crawl into the crib as I did many-- on many occasions. -Pick up the mattress. It's a two-person job. -It's a two-person job, absolutely. But this crib sheet, all you have to do is put it on once and to the extent that you need to clean it, you just zip-off the top of the sheet and throw the top portion of the sheet into the washing machine. -This is amazing. Okay, these swaddles are really wonderful. -Yup. -And great 'cause they're so huge. -They're huge. These are muslins swaddling blankets, one of the, sort of, risk of swaddling your baby, since that you actually overheat them. The muslin in this particular swaddling blanket is incredibly breathable, so it's really impossible to overheat your child. But equally, you can use them as swaddling blankets, you can use them as covers for your stroller to the extent that you wanna block the sun, you can use them on all sorts of ways. -I tried one of these. Too nice to see, they're light in the area-- -They're light, very. -like you say, and they're stretchable. -Stretchable. -So then, you're wrapping your child at this, it's not so hot. -Exactly. -Okay, moving back over here to the bottles. These are great because they are natural chemical-free. Tell us about that. -These are BPA bottles-- ah BPA-free bottles brought to you by Born Free. They are wonderful for moms who are concern about BPA. Most bottles in the market today are BPA-free but Born Free was the first to market with these and these are great. -Okay. Moving on to bath time. And it's nice, I mean, you could use just a regular soap but it's nice to have something special and smells nice. You got a couple of different products here. -Yup, we have two shampoo and bodywash products here. We have the Aveeno product, which I personally love; I think it's a wonderful product. -And very gentle. -Very gentle, really great for small infants. That-- for moms who are looking for purely natural products, we also have California Baby. This particular one is the Calming California Baby product. -The crib sheet was my favorite product, I think this is my favorite name on the table. I love the Butt Paste, I mean, what's not to love about that. -Who doesn't love a Butt Paste? -It's great. It's just it tells like it is. -Boudreaux's Butt Paste is absolutely fabulous. Moms universally raved about this product. If your baby has a diaper rash which will inevitably happen, just a small amount of Boudreaux's Butt Paste then your baby is on the way to healing. -Okay. Now, you've got the Butt Paste on, they had their bath, it's time to help them go to sleep. And you have a CD here that has some beautiful lullabies, right? -Yup. Putumayo Dreamland is a wonderful collection of authentic songs and lullabies from around the world. And what's amazing about it is they actually get natives singers to sing them in different languages. -That's nice. -So, it's really a sweet and wonderful product. -Okay, you have all these products for baby-- -Uh-huh. -but now its moms' turn because a new mom it's-- -Yup -They're exhausted. It's so tiring and you need some special things to make life easier for her. -Yup. -So, let's start right here with this bottle. -Sure. -Because while nursing they say it is important to-- -Stay hydrated. -Hydrated, right. -Yup. the Klean Kanteen bottle is an answer to moms who are looking for something other than plastic water bottles. This is a completely stainless steel bottle. It's great for moms who absolutely need to remain hydrated while nursing their baby. -This is for the nursing mom to cover up. -That is for the nursing mom to cover up. It's a nursing tent, is the way to think about it. It wraps around moms neck and she just drapes it over the baby, so the baby can sit underneath the nice cover. She can be discreet while nursing the baby. -And finally, we're just about out of time. We have a great tank top here for the nursing mom that we'll just hold up to show. -Exactly. -And finally-- -A diaper bag which can also be used as a computer bag, as you pointed out. -It looks like. -What's wonderful about the Skip Hop Diaper Bag is it goes right over the stroller handles. It's a wonderful addition. -Thank you so much for coming in. Great for mom and baby. It's a pleasure to have you. And to get all of these products and anything else you might need for your little one, just log on to Thanks so much for joining us. We'll see you again soon.