Mommy Bloggers

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-Mommy bloggers have taken the web by storm. -There are some 200,000 mommy bloggers out there, and so yes we are a force to be reckoned with. -Dishing out advice, experiences and plenty anecdotes to an eager audience of their peer. -Mommy blogs, yes, they range from talking about products that they use and really likes to, you know, sharing really personal stories and some are really funny, some of them were very heartwarming, some of them were very heart wrenching. They've really covered the whole spectrum of what women are interested in and a lot of that is really [unk]. -One in the tree at a time. That's too high Krista, Francis can't hold you. -Mother of two, Den Zinger, was at the forefront of mom blogging phenomenon when she started the site for moms called in 2003. -It was a way to reach out to other moms but it was also a way to get what I wanted to tell moms and that is that 21st century parenting has gone absolutely insane and that we all need to calm down and try to work out a little bit. And as Momma Said has evolved, I've been to get that message. -Momma Said started small but rapidly grew in popularity and in content. -When I started my husband did all the HTML programming, [unk] but it got to be so, it grew bigger and bigger and he couldn't handle it on the weekends and I needed to update it just about every day so I thought myself HTML, and then as time went on I added blogs, video blogs that I called [unk]. -A writer by [unk], Jen turned her website into an empire. -Not everybody is able to do that but I keep at it and it's a good thing too because I had a publisher contact me last year and now I have a three book series coming out based on MommaSaid. -But she's still proud to be part of the bigger mom blog community. -We all sort of know each other and take not of what each other is saying. We blog about each other and we linked to each other. You could be a mom blogger and you have just five people checking in, and you could have hundreds or thousands checking in. We're all in the same boat. -In that boat is Sadie Daniels, a New York City mom and the voice behind -Motherhood is hard. No matter how you put it, if you work, if you're a stay at home mom, motherhood is really hard and it's a wonderful thing to go on and read that other people are dealing with the same issues that you are, and it just makes you feel less alone and it makes you feel like you're in this and everybody is going through it and you just feel part of a community and it's great there. -Sadie started Heymommas less than a year ago after catching an interview with another mommy blogger on TV. -Now that I've done it, it's like the fifth member of our family. It really is like a living, breathing entity in our family because every time we have a like great story or a not so great story, anything, I just put it on there and my girls are gonna be able to look at it forever, which is what I just love about it. -A mother of two girls, Sadie writes about everything from soccer games to the tooth fairy. -It's funny, I think it's funny. I think that the mundane stuff, the everyday stuff that mothers have to go through is a universal thing. -Sadie, shares a lot with her readers but keeps some things to herself. -Privacy is a big thing for me. I don't show pictures of them. I keep it a little bit more, just little clips and antidotes and fun stories about my girls, and occasions that we go on. Just more like little conversations that we have that are cute. It's not nitty gritty stuff, it's a little more just fun and funny. -Still she says blogs are giving moms like her a voice. -Mothers have become very powerful and that advertisers are coming to them. People are trying to get them to talk about their product. I've had people write to me, you know, or we've having an event here with a new product, do you want to come and try it. -Parents Magazine got in on the mommy blog trend by launching GoodyBlog more than a year ago, named after the magazine's Goody Bag section, editors share reviews, recommendations and experiences. -Our motto is must see, must do, must have. So, it's not, you know, just products, that it's not just for some stories, it's s a nice mix bag of everything and we thought that, you know, with the help of our editors that we could bring to the table and a great way for us to connect as well. -Parents Magazine Media Editor, Amanda Wolf, says the staff strives to keep GoodyBlog real. -Very important for us to not sort of be a big [unk] to these women because that would be so [unk], so not our world. -So, if you're thinking of starting your own mommy blog, Sadie says. -Do it. Absolutely do it. It's the greatest thing, you know, life goes so fast. This is just a wonderful way to take the time to put it all down. -And while it's not always easy, Jen says, "Don't give up." -Start small. [unk], so stick with it and on the days that you've had enough, that's okay, step away from the computer and go somewhere else because you know that somebody is gonna [unk] on your pants and you'll have something to write about.